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Solutions - Elementary Test Bank Multi-ROM - файл sol_elem_progresstest_3.doc

Solutions - Elementary Test Bank Multi-ROM
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Progress test Unit 3

Unit 3


1 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

is are any a aren’t isn’t

  1. There _______ five English teachers at our school.

  2. _______ there a computer in your classroom?

  3. There _______ a DVD player in room 2. Use room 5.

  4. There _______ any students in the canteen.

  5. Are there _______ English books in the library?

  6. There’s _______ dictionary on the shelf in the classroom.

Mark: ___ /6

2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of have to.

  1. I _______ do homework every day, only on Mondays and Tuesdays.

  2. Our swimming coach is very hard! We _______ train for three hours every Saturday morning.

  3. My brother _______ come home before 11.00 p.m. but I do!

  4. When they’re seventeen, English students only _______ study three subjects. They’re lucky!

  5. We haven’t got a car and my dad _______ go to work by bus.

  6. We _______ wear a uniform at our school. I usually wear a sweatshirt and jeans.

  7. I _______ clean my bedroom every Saturday.

Mark ___/7

3 Rewrite these sentences as questions with have to.

  1. We have to buy our own books at school.


  1. He has to work until 7.30 p.m.


  1. My friends have to go home before I do.


  1. My sister has to study French at her school.


  1. I have to go shopping with my mum every week.


  1. We have to speak English in our English classes.


  1. My baby brother has to sleep every afternoon.


Mark: ___ /7


4 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

I.C.T. biology geography history P.E.

  1. In _______ we learn about the past.

  2. In _______ we learn about computers.

  3. In _______ we learn different sports.

  4. In _______ we learn about different countries.

  5. In _______ we learn about the human body.

Mark ___ /5

5 Complete the sentences with the correct words.
1 There’s a poster about the new club _______ the noticeboard.

A in B on C under

2 There’s your homework! It’s _______ the dictionary.

A between B opposite C under

3 Look at Miss Browne’s new car! It’s in the car park _______ Mr Bank’s Toyota.

A under B next to C on

4 There’s a bus stop in our road. It’s _______ the shop.

A in front of B between C behind

5 There’s a park _______ our house. You can walk there in five minutes.

A next to B near C in front of

Mark ___ /5


6 [1.03] Listen to the interviews. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

computers the canteen the teachers the buildings the uniform

  1. Speaker 1 talks about _______.

  2. Speaker 2 talks about _______.

  3. Speaker 3 talks about _______.

  4. Speaker 4 talks about _______.

  5. Speaker 5 talks about _______.

Mark: ___ /10


7 Read the text.
Home school: a good thing or a bad thing?

Some children don’t go to school. Well, they don’t learn in a classroom with a lot of other children; they stay at home and study with their mum or dad. They don’t learn at home because they have to, but because some parents think their children don’t learn enough at normal schools.

‘School isn’t good for my son,’ says Miranda Peeler, who teaches her son, Ben, at home. ‘Ben doesn’t work in class. He plays with his friends all the time and he doesn’t listen to the teacher. There are 30 children in his class, and it’s difficult for the teacher to teach ALL of them. Now I teach him at home. He learns all the important subjects and he does a lot of work. He has to; he’s the only one in the class! We study on the computer too. At school there is only one computer for all the children in the class. Ben likes home school. He’s a clever boy and he wants to learn. Here he can do that.’

Brenda Masters is a teacher. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea. ‘Yes, children learn a lot at home school. But they don’t play with their friends. They don’t learn how to work in a group. Work is important but play is important too. Friends are important. Sport is important. School is important!’

^ 8 Choose the best answers.

1 A lot of children study at home because

A their parents want to teach them at home.

B the teachers don’t want the children at school.

2 Ben’s mother thinks

A Ben doesn’t study important subjects at school.

B the classes are very big.

3 At Ben’s school

^ A there are some computers.

B the children don’t use computers.

4 Brenda thinks

A parents aren’t good teachers.

B children have to work and play.

5 Brenda thinks that home school is

A a good thing.

B a bad thing.

Mark: __ /10


9 Imagine you are a student at your dream school. Write a description of the school for a new student. Include three of these points:

  • lessons and lesson times

  • breaks

  • canteen and other facilities

  • after-school activities

Mark: __ /10 Total: __ /60

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