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  • Course
  • Information and communication technologies
  • LABORATORY WORK №. 1.Computation of metrics of productivity of computer system: speed, efficiency, energy expenses, Amdal's law, CPU time.
  • Work purpose. To learn to transfer numbers to those numeric systems which are used by the COMPUTER, to count the volume of information occupied by data and to be able to transfer values of amount of information from one units of measure to others.
  • Subjects
  • Numeral systems;
  • Arithmetic in positional Numeral systems.
  • Системы счисления
  • Системой счисления называется совокупность правил наименования и изображения чисел с помощью конечного набора символов, называемых цифрами.
  • Системы счисления бывают непозиционные и позиционные.
  • Numeral system - a way of representation of any number by means of the alphabet of the symbols called by figures.
  • There are many numeral systems which can be broken into 2 look: unpositional and positional.

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