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Эссе, тип: Предложение решения проблемы, тема: Безработица; Essays suggesting solutions to problems: The problem of unemployment and possible solutions - файл 1.docx

Эссе, тип: Предложение решения проблемы, тема: Безработица; Essays suggesting solutions to problems: The problem of unemployment and possible solutions
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Essays suggesting solutions to problems

The problem of unemployment and possible solutions.
Nowadays unemployment is one of the biggest problems among many countries in the world. It is more complex than it may seem as it is caused by many reasons. Before searching any solutions to the problem, one should find out the reasons of existing it.
First of all, we can’t deny the fact of lack of vacancies for specialists of some fields. It happens when some professions become popular in spite of insufficient demand for them. The result is that there are a lot of people interested in a particular position. It discourages people, especially younger ones who have no experience of work and as a result they have less chance to be employed. For example, in Russia there are more lawyers and economists than it is needed.

In this case a useful suggestion for reducing unemployment would be to give people a chance to train a new profession. Such re-training courses should take as less time as possible but still that time should be enough to get necessary skills to start working.
Secondly, it should be said that the labour-market offers more positions for so called blue-collars. Such kind of job does not attract people as it is hard and not well-paid. This is another problem connected with unemployment that there are people dissatisfied with their salaries. They prefer to take unemployment benefits than take up any job.

One way to solve this problem would be to increase salaries. Government should find extra money to improve everyone’s standard of living. Rises have always been met with approval and encouraged people for harder work, so that they could prove their value and show that they deserved to be better paid.
It also should be taken into account that number of people out of occupation always includes some segment of the population which feels like doing nothing. They do not work and it means they do not pay taxes which adversely affects economic.

An alternative solution to overcome the problem of unemployment and laziness is to promote value of labour as people should learn to treat any job as prestigious and know that work broadens one’s horizons and makes a person feel more important and responsible for his or her duties. For example, politicians could show in their campaigns all the benefits and perspective of any work; they also can display the negative effects of inaction and wasting one’s time. As people watch television a lot, such TV-broadcasts would at least stimulate people to consider taking up a job.
Practice of market economy has shown us an extreme difficulty in creating more job positions. At present it is also hard to set up a business or establish own company as well. There is a risk that such a company may collapse.

To sum up, there are some steps that could be taken to reduce unemployment. If the government increases salaries, creates more workplaces and re-training centers, and promotes working in commercials, and supports setting up a business, it will help people to find a job and certainly lower the unemployment rate.

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