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Программа - Motortut v1.10: Rocket motor tutorial - файл SYBEROC SOFTWARE1.doc

Программа - Motortut v1.10: Rocket motor tutorial
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Rocket Motor Tutorial
Copyright (c) 1994 Gary A. Crowell Sr.
Permission is granted for unrestricted

use and distribution of the program

MOTORTUT.EXE Version 1.10

for non-commercial applications.
MOTORTUT is intended for educational use only. It is NOT a

substitute for reading, understanding, and following the

instructions regarding the use of any particular rocket motor,

igniter, or ignition system. This software is warranted to be of

no particular value for anything, and the author's liability for

any damages resulting from the use of MOTORTUT is limited up to

and including nothing.




MOTORTUT began life as a program called MOTORVUE, which was

developed for use as an attention getting device at a rocket club

public displays. MOTORVE presented animations of the internal

dynamics of a solid rocket motor.
With the addition of more information screens, I finally realized

that MOTORVUE had evolved into the basis of a full rocket motor

MOTORTUT includes several series of subject screens, that can be

individually selected for display, or, a mode can be selected to

cycle through all of the screens. It can be set to move between

screens after a time delay, or the user can use the keyboard to

move at his own pace. At a typical adult reading speed, it will

take about 15 minutes to work through all of the screens.
MOTORTUT covers the basic nomenclature of model rocket motors,

and identifies the internal components and operation of several

motor types. The operation of the ignition system and several

different igniter types are also detailed. This material is

presented at an adult or high-school level, though much should

be useful at an elementary level if used with supervision.

Many of the motor types illustrated deal with high-power

rocketry rather than model rocketry.



MOTORTUT requires a DOS/IBM'ish computer with VGA display. It'll

work fine on a '286 or better, probably fine on anything smaller

too. If running in a DOS window under Windows, MOTORTUT must be

run in the full screen mode.


Not much to it. There are a few selections on the opening screen

to control the speed and such. Typing the associated letter

cycles through the available selections for each item; these are

detailed in their respective sections below. A carriage return

starts the selected sequence.
Pressing the ESC key at any time will jump to the ending screen;

from there you can quit to DOS, or return to the menu screen.

(Note: This operation is a bit ragged; there may be a delay.)
In the continuous mode, the program will repeatedly cycle until

stopped. In most screens, hitting the space bar will skip to the

next screen without delay. Also in most screens, hitting "P"

will pause on the current screen until another key is pressed.

MOTORTUT V1.10 page 1 (c) 1994 Gary A Crowell, Sr.


This is just a bit of theatrics intended to attract attention to

the animation. Mercifully, you have the option to turn it off.


Selecting "WAIT FOR KEYPRESS" will hold the display on every

screen until any key is pressed. This mode is the easiest to

use for an individual working through the screens. The other

pause duration selections control the time delay between

successive displays if MOTORTUT is running in a continuous mode.
motor component labels and the explanatory text. It needs to

The actual number of seconds selected here is relative, the

actual delay on any screen will depend upon speed of your

computer and also varies with the amount of new information on

each screen. You can end any pause period at any time by

pressing the spacebar (any key except ESC, actually).


This control can be adjusted for the speed of your computer so

that the motor burning animation runs for a realistic duration.


This control selects whether the motor animation will run

continuously after ignition, or if it will pause for the

selected pause duration for text display at event points.

Selecting SMOOTH will overrule any pause duration during the

animation. The pause times still apply during the non-animation



MOTORTUT presently allows selection between display of five

different animated screen sets:
Motor Classifications / Thrust-Time Curve

Single-Use Composite Core Burning Motor

Wire-Wrap/Thermalite Igniter

Single-Use End Burning Motor

Flashbulb/Thermalite Igniter

Reloadable BATES Motor

Sheathed Thermalite Igniter

Motor Core Cross-Sections
Additionally, there is a selection that will cycle through all

of these screen sets in turn.

MOTORTUT V1.10 page 2 (c) 1994 Gary A Crowell, Sr.


When you exit MOTORTUT, the control selections will be saved

in a file titled MOTORTUT.CFG. Those selections will be

restored the next time the program starts. The .CFG file will

be created if it does not exist. Delete the .CFG file before

starting MOTORTUT to restore the default selections.


POSTER.DOC is an example "poster" file; copy or rename it to

POSTER.TXT to use it. When MOTORTUT finds a POSTER.TXT file it

uses it to format the screen that appears between sections of the

tutorial. By editing the poster file to specify the location,

font size, color, etc., and text, you can change the screen to

display your club name or whatever is appropriate for your

demonstration. The header of the POSTER.DOC file details the

options available and shows a sample message. It will take some

trial and error to get the screen looking the way you want. The

quickest way to see your screen is to start MOTORTUT and hit

'ESC' a couple of times. Note that there is no format checking

on the POSTER.TXT file; if it is not exactly in the format shown,

the program will probably crash.


The bibliography listing is very brief and will be expanded in

future versions.


The glossary is not implemented at this time.


MOTORTUT V1.10 page 3 (c) 1994 Gary A Crowell, Sr.


If there ever is one, a future version of this program might


* Tweeking to improve the accuracy of the animations and the

descriptive text.

* The addition of a hypertext type glossary of rocket motor


* Sound.

* Addition of different launch control system types.

* Addition of Moon Burning, Booster, and Plugged motor types.

* Addition of Model Rocket motor history, manufacturer

information, casing sizes, propellant types.

* DeLaval nozzle description.

* Expansion of the bibliography.

* Interactive controls.

* Scanned Photos of motors, launchers, etc.

* New Tutorials: Rocket Motion, Rocket Stability.

* Any suggestions YOU might provide.

Suggestions for improvements, corrections, or bug reports of any

nature would be greatly appreciated.
"Copy-protected software is user-" Gary A. Crowell, Sr.

offensive" 6907 Ashland

Boise, ID 83709

208-377-4924 home eves

208-345-4050 work days

208-345-9359 work fax

CIS 71461,1525



10/13/93 MOTORVUE 1.00 Initial release to CompuServe.

11/30/93 MOTORVUE 2.00 Added .DOC file; added Core and

Endburning animations; added .CFG file; improved

animation controls; added core cross-sections.

03/15/94 MOTORTUT 1.00 Added thrust-time curve, and motor class

screens. Added pause control. Added animated thrust-

time curves. Attempted to adjust delays to match the

amount of information presented on any screen. Added

motor nomenclature screens.

07/18/94 V1.10 Added programmable "poster" screen.

MOTORTUT V1.10 (c) 1994 Gary A Crowell, Sr.

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