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Конспект урока английского языка в 10 классе на тему Music in our life - файл 1.doc

Конспект урока английского языка в 10 классе на тему Music in our life
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Life without music would be a mistake

(Friedrich Nietzsche)

Teaching Objectives:

practical: to revise the vocabulary on the topic;

to develop pupils’ speaking skills;

to practise listening;

educational: to expand the pupils’ knowledge of the very importance

of music in people’s life; to expand the pupils’ knowledge

of English as a foreign language;

developing: to develop the pupils’ logical way of thinking, their imagination;

educative: to teach the pupils good manners of communication, to have

a high respect for their classmates.

Equipment: posters, handouts, computer, interactive board, CDs, pupils


Lesson Procedure

  1. Beginning of the lesson.

1.Greeting and aim ( 1 min.)

T: Good afternoon. I’m glad to see you. Let’s start our lesson .Today we’ll revise

everything we have learnt about music, styles of music, music tastes, practise our

listening, reading, speaking. So our today’s topic is “Music in our life”.
^ 2. Warming-up (4 min.)

T: Close your eyes and listen to some music (“Autumn” by Vivaldi).While listening

let your imagination fly and draw a picture in your mind .Describe your imaginary


Look at the board, please, and read the motto of our lesson (“Life without music

would be a mistake”) Do you agree with this wonderful quotation?

P1: It goes without saying I do, because we can’t imagine our life without music.

P2: I think life without music would be boring!

P3: In my opinion, life without music isn’t interesting at all.

P4: Really, the life would be a mistake if we didn’t hear music, because music helps us in

everything we do.

  1. Main part.

^ 1.Vocabulary Practice (5 min.)

T: Right you are. And what music styles do you know?

P1:Classical. P6: Jazz.

P2: Pop. P7: Folk.

P3:Rock. P8: Rock’n’roll.

P4: Rap. P9: Country.

P5: Chamber. P10: Punk.
T: Different styles of music can be described by different emotional words. Look at the

board and underline the adjectives :

  1. used to describe classical music ( blue colour);

  2. used to describe folk music ( red colour );

  3. used to describe pop music (green colour).

  4. used to describe jazz ( black colour ).

Beautiful, touching, serious, cheerful, relaxing, sad, simple, traditional,

Healing, emotional, exciting, catchy, soothing, pleasant, romantic, energetic.

T: As for me, I enjoy listening to classical music, because it is emotional, serious and healing And what about you, Bogdan?

P1: As for me, I like pop music because it is cheerful, simple and touching.

P2: As for me, I enjoy listening to folk music, because it is beautiful, traditional, romantic.

P3: As for me, I like rap, because it is emotional, energetic and catchy.
T: Complete the sentences with the words from the box:
Pop music, classical music, reggae, folk music, jazz, punk, country, rap.
1.--------is played by a big orchestra in a concert hall.

2.--------comes originally from black American musicians.

3.--------is played by young people with brightly coloured hair.

4.--------usually offers simple tunes which are popular for a short time.

5.-------- music is usually played on the guitar, banjo and violin.

6.------- is a musical style where the singer speaks or shouts the words.

7.------- comes from a specific region and is usually popular for a long period .

8.------- is often played freely, not following written music.

9.------- has a strong , loud beat and is usually played on electrical instruments.

^ 2 . Reading (13 min.)

T: Let’s read and discuss the text “Music in our life”. (pupils read the text aloud in chain)

  1. Prove the following statements using the text:

1.Music is an essential part of our life.

2.Music is a great power.

3. Appreciation of music is not a matter of individual taste.

4. Certain types of music may be harmful.

5. Music can help in our daily life.

  1. Discuss the quotations about music by famous people:

Music is the universal language of mankind.”

Henry Longfellow

P1: I think Longfellow is absolutely right. Music is understood by everybody. The

Language of music is so vivid and expressive.

P2: Music is something that has no nationality or citizenship .It belongs to the whole

Humanity. It is a universal language.

^ Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.”

P3: I think it is well said .Really, we can’t do without music: we listen to it every day

And it’s a great pleasure for us.
P3: As for me, I’d like to explain one more brilliant quotation. Victor Hugo wrote:

“ Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be

silent”. In my opinion, the author wanted to underline the great importance of

music; even if we cannot express our feelings and emotions using our mother

tongue, we can do it by means of beautiful sounds produced by musical instruments.
c)T: Right you are. There’s something mysterious about nice music. And what is music

for you?

( Some pupils answer the question )

Possible answers:

P1: Music is a source of delight, inspiration, hope.

P2:It’s the realm of beauty, which helps me to live through the day.

P3: Music is a very important part of my life. I can’t imagine my life without it.

P4: Music helps me in my studies. Listening to music gives a break and helps me

in my life.
^ 3. Listening ( Musical Pause) (2 min.)
T: And now let’s enjoy listening to this wonderful song, which is performed by

“The Beatles”. Of course, it’s “Yesterday”. You may close your eyes and relax

Or you may sing together with “The Beatles”.

( There sounds the song “The Beatles”.)

T: I think you enjoyed this wonderful song, didn’t you?

P1: It goes without saying, I enjoyed it greatly.

P2: It made a deep impression on me.

P3: It enchanted me.

P4: Its sweet melody impresses us deeply.
^ 4.Speaking (15 min.)
T: Speak about your taste in music using the following scheme ( on the board):

P - position - I think…

R - reasoning - Because…

E - example - For example…

S - solution - That’s why…

Possible answers :

P1: I think pop music is the best style of music, because you can listen to it wherever

you want and have good relaxation. It’s usually simple and doesn’t require deep

thinking. for example, Michael Jackson’s songs are very popular everywhere. Some

of his songs are cheerful, and some of them are lyrical. Jackson’s songs are mostly about

love and relations between young people. They are easy for understanding. That’s why I

am fond of pop music and often listen to it.
P2: I think classical music is very nice because it is serious and emotional kind of music.

Its useful influence on people’s organism was proved by scientists. For example, doc-

tors recommend pregnant women to listen to classical music to strengthen their

babies’ nervous system. Besides, listening to classical music means that you are an

educated person. That’s why it’s important to listen to classical music and I often lis-

ten to it.

Presentation “Classical Music”

P3: I think that jazz is a kind of music that can be popular not only among grown-ups.

Even if you are not an expert in jazz you can’t stay indifferent listening to it, because

of its strong beat and musicians’ improvisation. For example, my Dad is fond of

Lous Armstrong, the king of jazz. I often listen to his songs with him and my favou-

rite one is “What a wonderful world”. The lyrics are simple and the tune is pleasant.

That’s why jazz is a kind of music which is worth of listening to.

There sounds a song “What a wonderful world”

P4: I think rap music is cool. It’s a rhythmic style of speaking. I like it because first of

all it’s the music of young people. It’s not easy to sing rap as it may seem. Not

everyone can read the words so fast. The best rap singers are Afro-Americans, but

there are some good European rap singers, too. for example, my favorite one is

Eminem. That’s why my friends and I are fond of rap.

P5: I think folk music is worth listening to because it is based on old traditions and

reflects the lives and life problems of people .Historical events are often reflected

in folk songs. For example, listening to Ukrainian folk songs one can learn about

kozacks’ way of life and their struggle for independence. That’s why it’s important

to listen to folk music. It will help you to know more about the history, culture and

traditions of your country.

  1. III. Summing Up.

    1. Giving Home task ( 1 min.)

T: Your home task is to write an essay “ Music in My life” or “ In the Realm of


^ 2. Putting Marks ( 1 min.)

T: Your lesson is coming to an end. Did you enjoy it? I hope you did. You were

very active and hard working and get the following marks:
3.Conclusion (3 min.)

  1. T: Let our lesson be over in unusual way. Let wonderful music sound for you!

  2. ( There sounds the melody “ Love Story”).

  3. May there always be this music of love in your hearts!

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