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10 тем по английскому языку
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1.Recycling. Recycling is a very important part of our lives. This allows you to improve the ecology and protect it. For example, after recycling process, paper can be used to make birthday cards, cereal boxes and hundreds of other things. Car headlights are made of plastic and can be used to make windows. Recycled plastic can also be used to make carpets and rugs. Metal is important material in recycling. Recycled aluminum cans can be used to make new ones. Iit is possible to make new cars from old car parts. Recycled glass can also be mixed with asphalt or cement and used to make new road. We could start using recycled products everywhere. We should reduce air pollution and water pollution by using public transport and bicycles.

2. Endangered Species. Certain species of animals are in danger for a number of reasons. It types that humans are the biggest threat to the survival of a range of animals. Peoples polluting the natural habitats of a great number of species. People hunt tigers for their valuable skins and even for their bones. skins and even for their bones. Elephants are killed for their tusks, which can be made into things such as ornaments and jewelers Tourists and bathers who walk on beaches where turtles lay their eggs are careless when walking and risk damaging them. Because of pesticides being sprayed on crops and gardens to kill snails and insects, small birds are put at risk since they feed these creatures. Greatly reduced the number of fish because of the illegal catch. People continues to destroy the animals and not thinking about the future.
^ 3.Cooperative learning. The concept of cooperative learning is alien to many students. The role of the student and teacher is not the same as usual. The students role in cooperative learning. It is the role of the student to find necessary information and to use it. To think creatively and it discuss the problem, issue and task given. Skill to work together is required to compete such assignments. The teacher becomes the helper rather than the master. He gives precise instructions and answers questions. Students learn to cooperative with each other. Learning is more fun and effective for pupils. Students do not sit in straight rows of desks, they rather face each other so that to discuss issues. They work and solve problems together. They also learn that cooperation better than competition. Besides they learn to share ideas and respect idea of others. I think that is very interesting because it is more modern and enjoyable.
^ 4. School uniform. Scholl uniform is a norm in a lot of countries. But still many disputes is continue. Many love it or hate it. In both cases, school uniform excites students and parents. I think that school uniform helps to keep up discipline. Uniform can help to avoid random attraction that helps to concentrate on learning. School uniform is one way to maintain a level of social status. On the other hand, uniform suppresses individuality. More other. Uniform is boring and unfashionable. Also , uniform form does not fit all and may be uncomfortable. All in all, school uniform solves some problems, but other problem arise.
^ 5. Single sex or mixed sex. In most school dominated mixed-education. But there are many schools where students of one sex. But division by gender is correct or not. Supporters believe that single sex schools help students to concentrate on their studies - this is especially important. A single sex education might also lead students to be less embarrassed about gender-orientated decisions. For example, females might be keener to study math’s, or males to study art. On the other hand, the environment of these schools hinders students’ development of social skills. More other single sex schools do not help children to get ready for 'real life' and the 'real world'. Also, education in mixed school allows students to compete with each other This leads to higher results. In conclusion, although the single sex school has positive aspects , but education in mixed school really helps prepare for life in the real world.
^ 6.What makes are good teacher. Not everyone become a teacher. There a lot of personality traits are required to be good one. One the most important attribute of a good teacher is the ability to speak clearly and establish a friendly relationship with student. He should be able to explain different thing and enjoy doing the same. A good teacher should understand students individual needs. He should be respect the different point of view of his students. Also a teacher should be dedicated towards his work . He should be attend refresher courses regularly. His lessons are well-planned and the students are engaged in learning. Finally good teacher must be demanding with his students. He should punish students who don`t work hard enough. Students respect demanding teachers. It is clear that anyone can be a teacher, But rely good teacher guides a group of students in life and lead them to a successful career.
^ 7. Exams(for and against). Nowadays, many students take exams after graduation. This question is the most discussed today. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of exams. Firstly, exams encourage students to study and grades give students an idea of their progress .It encourage competition between students. More other exams are the quickest way of testing students and it is much easier. On the another hand, many students get really nervous at exam time and they don't do as well as they could in an ordinary class test. Furthermore, if students run out of time, they cannot show what they know. Also, to successfully pass the exam students can cheat and get a mark they don't deserve. From all this one must conclude that exam is a good tool for testing, but not everyone is suited for it.
8.Should everyone have university education. University education is necessary for everyone. It is very important. It is an integral part of our life. Personally I think that everyone should get a university education. To begin with. Educated person is more likely to get a good job. He has a great future and quality of a life is higher than an uneducated person. This is one of the main reasons why we should study at university . In additional. education helps to get different skills. Besides, university education is opportunity experience rich culture and social life. As opposed to the above ideas, university education is not so important . Firstly, it can be very expensive. Secondly, if you are educated, it does not mean that you have arranged your life. In my opinion everyoneу should try to get the best education. This will change our lives for the better and move to a new stage of development.
9.Private schools. Many people feel private education gives you many opportunities for success in life. Other people think this is unfair. But does private education really have so many advantages as people think. One point in favor of private education is opportunity go get a better education and high social status in a society. Furthermore, you will be trained by highly qualified teachers. A further advantage of private education is good and well-paid job. On the other hand, private education is very expensive and not everyone can afford it. Besides, student must pass an entrance exam to be admitted. Not to mention the fact that most private schools are religious. From all this one must conclude that private education can be very good, but not everyone is suited for it.
10.Computer education. The pupils in the article use the computers for a wide variety of tasks. Using computer, the a doing homework and write an essay. They can get a lot of useful information using the internet. Students use CD-Rom to get the information from back-issues of newspapers. Some of the pupils use programmes if they do not understand sth. The leisure activities are available on a computer at home, communicate via the Internet with their schoolmates. I have computer at home and use it for word-processing and playing computers games. I think that computers cannot replace teacher because computers are not technological enough and cannot answer questions or solve problems.

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