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Эссе - Почему бы вы хотели учиться в США? - файл 1.doc

Эссе - Почему бы вы хотели учиться в США?
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Please describe why you would like to study in the US. What past experiences have given you this motivation? How will studying on this program help you learn about America? How will learning about the U.S. influence your personal and professional goals for the future?

Once little girl was watching a film. There was nothing special with that movie. Scenes changed, faces changed. But suddenly one shot flashed which made the girl’s heart throb. Just four seconds of great city with plenty of skyscrapers. But it was not skyscrapers that made the girl shaken by. She felt there was something unusual with that city. It was full of natural colors and living! “What is this city?” – the girl asked her mother. “It is the capital of the United States of America, Washington, my dear,’ – answered the mother. It was my first meeting with the USA.

Years passed, I have watched a lot of American films but the shot of Washington from my childhood is still living on my mind. The image of American huge city with plenty of skyscrapers makes me want to create my own film. And what can be better for studies than a climate of inspiration? To my mind educational process is a creative job and the ambience directly influences on the result of this job. Thereby the explanation of my strong desire to study in the US is first of all a hunger of atmosphere which fosters me to create!

Another reason is people. I have never been to the USA but sometimes it seems to me that I feel the spirit of the country and the attitudes of people in America. On my mind people in the USA are associated with freedom, smile and happiness. It is very important for me to be surrounded by open-hearted people. The Americans are considered to be a kind of these. How many times I tried to find a happy face among a crowd of passersby in the street! And instead smiles I saw a vast majority of moody faces. But I still believe that everybody can be happy in spite of his failure and difficulties. And I also believe that most of such kind of people live exactly in America. Another thing why the Americans attract me is that they seem to be tolerant. It is really good characteristic which can help to avoid conflicts from breaking out in the society. The image of a typical American has crossed my mind as a hard-working, low-abiding and patriotic person. Such description awakes my interest in meeting the person like this. I would like to make the acquaintance of such kind of people to follow their example.

Studies in America will assure me an opportunity to use invaluable experience for making a major contribution to the public sector in Ukraine. But it also provides a chance to try my strength and identify my weaknesses in unusual conditions. So this program gives an opportunity to go deep into myself and improve my weakness and learn to use my strength.

There are other reasons not less important. For instance, I would like to be educated on a level with the highest worlds standards, to improve my language skills, to learn more about the history and the culture of the USA and… to celebrate my birthday with all the Americans on 4 July which is commonly known as Independence Day.

I guess that studying on this program will help me learn about America because seeing is believing. Nothing can better show the culture of country and mentality of people who live in it than your own experience. And I would like to enjoy American society by means of this program. I am interested in all spheres of their life: from politics to sports. The USA is a powerful machine and to get to know it from within is a broad experience. And this experience will definitely influence my personal and professional goals for the future. Learning about the US will provide me an example to follow, show me the way to move on. It can help me to be about achieving my personal goals as, for example, self-cultivation. Knowledge, which I get, together with different skills received and improved, will form me as an individual. Of course after such practice I would be able to set higher goals and to achieve them easier. Maybe learning about the USA will help me to promote the voluntary movement in my home country because it is not so popular in Ukraine as in America. Also adopting of political, economic, cultural experience is inestimable: as a superpower America has a lot of things which Ukraine has to borrow.

And there is one more thing which definitely will influence my goals after learning about the USA. It is democracy. America has become a model of democratic state in modern world. Authority of peoples was accepted there sixteen years previously than in other developed European countries. And now the USA is looking ahead. My native country is legally democratic but the principles of democracy are just forming there. I would like to get to know what the democratic country means indeed and to get a special knowledge and skills to build the democracy in home country.

To make a conclusion I would like to note that studying in the USA is a dream for students from different countries - big and small, rich and poor, with different rate of economic development and with different political systems. I wonder what attracts them exactly in the USA. Is it a high educational attainment? Or cross-cultural interests, wish to fulfill themselves or something more? I think that it is not only a strong desire to be educated and to get an important experience. It is a great chance to join particular American spirit, at least for a year, and to become a part of the country of those, who look straight ahead in the future. The country of those who build the world right now. The country of those who are pound to refer to themselves as the Americans.

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