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Инструкции по эксплуатации машин для обвивки и термосваривания ножки пуговицы фирмы ASCOLITE - файл Mk11 Short handling instruction.doc

Инструкции по эксплуатации машин для обвивки и термосваривания ножки пуговицы фирмы ASCOLITE
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Mk11 Short handling instruction.doc

button securing system 2006-10-27 FZ


Automatic Button Shank Wrapping Machine

Short Usual Handling Instruction

  1. SEWING ON: Important:

When sewing on your buttons, before wrapping, keep minimum 3 mm distance between lower button side and the fabric. Most of the standard button sewers have a feature to adjust this, an adjustable metal finger screwed on the sewing arm. Don’t worry because of long distance: when you have wrapped the button shank, original distance gets much shorter because the thread is squeezed together


Put the machine next to the button attachment machine. Connect it to 220 V. Connect the 6 mm air tube by inserting it into the air fitting in the back cover of the machine. Push it in firmly, and then it will be fixed automatically. In order to take it off again, push the rim of the air fitting further in, while pulling out the air tube. The pressure control of the machine must show minimum 0.5 (5 bar).

  1. ^ THREADING IN Mk11:

Open the steel safety flap. Thread tube turning to top automatically. Pull the tensions spring clamp carefully and clamp it over the edge of the front plate. Insert the thread end through the 3 holes of the rear thread guide. Pull 20 cm of thread and let it hang vertically over the venturi opening. While pressing the air button constantly, lower your left hand to let the thread be sucked into the machine until the thread comes out at the opening of the tube. Release the spring clamp from the front plate. Take the thread end in your hand and hold it while closing the safety flap. Wait until the thread has been caught by the pickers, and then rip off the thread end UPWARDS.

  1. ^ HEATING UP:

Before you can start wrapping buttons, you have to wait about 8 minutes until the heating fork has reached working temperature (approx. 180 °C). The display will show a sand-clock or say “temperature low” before it has heated up. Meanwhile you can choose among the 3 different button type programs you need and adjust the number of wraps.


The control of the machine is all done on the green LCD touch screen.:

Do not touch the program key “P”, unless you want to change the programmation or make a system check.

To choose a program that is suitable to your button style, touch one of the numbers 1, 2 or 3 on the touch screen. The type chosen is indicated by the corresponding button symbol, too.

    1. 1 = SHORT SHANK, if there is little space between button and fabric (mainly for shirts or blouses).

    1. 2 = EYELET BUTTON is ideal for metal shank buttons (Blazer, Smoking), You can use it for any other button type (normal Jackets, pants or shirts), too, if there is enough space between button and fabric. Program 2 produces a slimmer and tighter button shank than program 1. In fact, only the lower part of the shank is being wrapped.

    1. ^ 3 LONG SHANK is designed for long shanks and covers the full length of the button shank (Coats, leather jackets, connecting button of double-breasted jacket) or for loose cuff links (2 shirt buttons only connected by thread, without any fabric).

OR (Variation long shanks)


By pressing the arrow  buttons, you can adjust the number of wraps, as many as you think the button looks best with. Wrap a button once and the number of wraps stays registered in the machine. The minimums for wrapping a button securely depend upon the button type and the length of the shank.

    1. For shirt buttons minimum 10 - 12 wraps

    2. Jacket buttons minimum 15 - 20.

    3. Blazer (shank buttons) minimum 12.

    4. Jackets or coats minimum 25.


Hold the garment with your right hand on the backside of the fabric. Insert the button into the slot and while guiding it along the steel front guide plate, hold the fabric with your thumb finger closely against the plate. When you touch the start lever with your fingertip lightly, the motor will start wrapping. Keep your fingertip on the lever, because if you let it go, the motor will stop. No need to use force though. Important: Don’t pull the fabric backwards, don’t pull down hard. This would pull the button shank out of the slot and leave not enough space for the wrapping and for the heating fork to pass by. Wait until the process is finished and then pull out the button and insert the next one.


Open the safety flap. The thread is automatically released. Open the spring clamp and pull out the thread from the back of the machine. Then proceed like described before in number 2.


When changing from dark to light colours, avoid dark colour parts staining the white shank wrapping: Clean the heating fork of remaining colour parts while it is hot (with sample button shanks, with a screw driver or brass brush) Once a week, take off the red top and the steel front covers and blow remaining thread ends out of the machine. You can reach the heating fork a) when turning off the air (blue switch in the right side panel) and pulling the cylinder piston to the left side. Or b) using System Check mode.


If you follow these instructions, you should get a slim, tight and neat button shank, in cylindrical shape, without remaining thread tails. If you have very light fabric, to avoid that is crimpled by the wrapping, stretch the fabric over your thumb while wrapping, so the fabric stays smooth.


If you have any serious technical troubles, always do first the SYSTEM CHECK: Press P on the display. Then choose no. 2. You will see a picture of the machine on the display. If you press on the different parts of this picture, the machine will do the functions located on this part. Always set the machine part back to its original home position by pressing the same part again. You can look at 2 more pictures by touching

the arrow signs. Control if the machine does all functions correctly and to which position. This way you can analyze the problem.

You can call us for help at any time:

MMS in England (English speaking only) +44 1943 884 334 or

ASCOLITE Switzerland (German, English, French, Italian, Norwegian, Turkish, Russian and other languages)

Office +41 44 9120000, Mobile help line +41 79 405 1814

Sincerely yours

Ascolite AG MMS U.K. Ltd.


Southview Business Park,Ghyll Royd, Guiseley,

Leeds LS20 9LT England

Tel: 00 44 (0) 1943 884 334 Fax: 00 44 (0) 1943 884 335

E-mail: sales@mmswebsite.com Visit Us At: mmswebsite.com

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