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Контрольная работа по английскому языку (11 заданий) 7 стр - файл 1.doc

Контрольная работа по английскому языку (11 заданий) 7 стр
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Контрольная работа №1

Вариант №4

  1. Complete this conversation.

  1. Alessandra, glad to present you to my colleague, Simon Hastings.

  2. How do you do?

  3. How do you do? Pleased to meet you.

B. Do you work here, Alessandra?

C. No, I work for SAP. I’m a consultant here like my colleague Akiko Takajima.

D. Nice to meet you.

B. Nice to meet you too, Akiko. Where are you from?

D. I’m from Osaka, in Japan.

2. Match the departments on the left with the correct definition on the right.

  1. sales – persuades people to buy the company’s products

  2. purchasing – buys in products and services

  3. planning – sets out a strategy for the company’s future

  4. research and development – tries to develop new products

  5. quality control – makes sure that standards are maintained

  6. production – is responsible for manufacturing goods

  7. personnel – deals with recruiting new staff

  8. finance – deals with invoices and payments

  9. distribution – transports goods to different places

  10. marketing – handles advertising and new products launches.

  1. Choose the correct verbs to complete this conversation.

  1. Where are (do/ are) you from, Anton?

  2. Im (am/ be) from Milan, in Italy. And you?

  1. I come (comes/ come) from Jakarta, in Indonesia.

  2. Oh, really? And who do (do/ does) you work for?

  1. I don’t (don’t/ doesn’t) work for a company. My husband and I have (has/ have) an export business.

  2. And what do you export (export/ exports)?

  1. Local hand-made products – furniture, ornaments, things like that.

  2. That’s interesting. So, is (does/ is) your company based in Jakarta?

  1. Yes, it is. But we aren’t (don’t/ aren’t) there very often. My husband travels (travel/ travels) a lot of Europe, and I work (work/ works) more in North America.

  2. So he doesn’t (don’t/ doesn’t) see you very often!

A. No, but we are (are/ do) usually at home in July and August.

  1. Here are some facts about Pizza Hut (UK). Use the words in the box to complete the sentences.

turnover employs market share located products subsidiary

competitors outlets

  1. The headquarters of Pizza Hut (UK) is located in London.

  2. Their range of products includes pizza, pasta, salads, and desserts.

  3. The company employs 16,000 people.

  4. Pizza Hut (UK)’s turnover is over ₤300m.

  5. Their main competitors are Pizza Express and Ask.

  6. They have outlets in most large towns in Britain.

  7. Pizza Hut (UK) is a subsidiary of Tricon Global Restaurants.

  8. Their market share at the moment is 6 %.

^ 5. Put the words in the sentences in the correct order.

1. are lot there in good restaurants Soho of a.

There are a lot of good restaurants in Soho.

  1. Radisson Empire Hotel night a costs $165.

A Radisson Empire Hotel night costs $165.

3. a nice near is there hotel Central Park.

There is a nice hotel near Center Park.

4. is important what you choose a hotel when?

What is important when you choose a hotel?

  1. she goes into shop a clothes never.

She never goes into a clothes shop.

  1. Write in words.

  1. 0.54 – zero point fifty-four

  2. 3 % – three percent

  3. 47th – forty-seventh

  4. 6,524 – six thousand, five hundred and twenty-four

  5. 37.49 – thirty-seven point forty-nine

  6. 7,850,000 – seven million, eight hundred and fifty thousand

  7. 961 – nine hundred and sixty-one

  8. $20.50 – twenty dollars and fifty cents

  1. Write in figures.

1. sixteenth – 16th

2. twelve – 12

3. twenty-five pounds thirty – ₤25.30

4. thirty-seven percent – 37 %

5. twenty-four point three six – 24.36

6. eleven point five – 11.5

7. two hundred and fifty-nine – 259

8. nought point three two – 0.32

  1. Choose the correct preposition on, in, at.

  1. in 1870

  2. in May

  3. on Friday

  4. at morning

  5. at Easter

  6. on October, 1

  1. Complete these sentences about your own company.

  1. Its name is Wimm-Bill-Dann.

  2. It’s based in Russia.

  3. The company produces dairy products, children’s food, non-alcoholic drinks.

  4. Its customers are 280 million people in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the countries of Central Asia.

  5. It’s the first Russian yogurts-making company.

  6. It employs 18,000 people.

  7. Its annual turnover is over $220m.

  8. Its annual sales are? over $400m.

  9. Its subsidiaries are located in many Russian towns and cities.

  1. Use the spaces below to write a short description of your department.

I work in the sales department/section. There are 10 people working in this department. Our main tasks are selling products and services. We also tell the customers about our goods. I deal with financial documents.

  1. Read this article and answer the questions below.

Nikki Beckett

Nikki Beckett was named Businesswoman of the Year. She received her prize at a ceremony in London. At the age of thirty-eight she is the chief executive and founder of a software business with offices in America, France, Germany, and Britain, and a turnover of £50 million. NSB Retail Systems provides software packages to department stores and fashion chains such as Selfridges or Debenhams.

The company was founded in 1994 and now employs 600 people.

What is the secret of her success? She has always been ambitious. After school she took a summer job with IBM and stayed for fourteen years. “I then knew I wanted to run a public company by the age of thirty-five and after that to have a company worth £0.5 billion by 2001”. Another reason is her husband, Geoff, who works part-time for the company and part-time at home looking after their two children. He took early retirement from IBM, which allowed Nikki to concentrate on her career. She doesn’t work at weekends and takes all her holidays. Her employees can work from home if they want to, and she allows them time off for their families when necessary. “I see someone’s career as a long journey. We are long-term employers”, she said, after receiving her prize from the sponsors Veuve Clicquot. These are very strong, old-fashioned values from someone at the head of such a modern, high-tech company.

  1. Complete this table using information from the text.

Name: Nikki Beckett

Name of company: ^ NSB Retail Systems

Position: the chief executive and founder

Number of employees: 600 people

Office locations: in America, France, Germany, Britain

Annual sales: £50m

Clients: department stores and fashion chains such as Selfridges or Debenhams.

b) Are these sentences true (T) of false (F)? If they are false, correct them.

1. NSB Retail Systems has offices in four countries. – T

2. Geoff Beckett runs NSB Retail Systems. – F – Nikki Beckett runs NSB Retail Systems.

3. Nikki and Geoff both worked for IBM. – T

4. Nikki often works at the weekend. – F – She doesn’t work at weekends and takes all her holidays.

5. The company supplies software to retails. – F – The company supplies software to department stores and fashion chains such as Selfridges or Debenhams.

6. The Becketts have three children. – F – The Becketts have two children.

7. Nikki Beckett likes employees to stay with the company a long time. – T

8. The competition was sponsored by Moet and Chandon. – F – The competition was sponsored by Veuve Clicquot.

c) Translate the text.

Никки Беккет

Никки Беккет была названа Бизнес-леди года. Она получила свой приз на церемонии в Лондоне. В возрасте тридцати восьми лет она - руководитель и основатель бизнеса программного обеспечения с офисами в Америке, Франции, Германии, и Великобритании, и товарооборотом в £50 миллионов. Системы Розничной продажи NSB предоставляют пакеты программ универмагам и модным сетям, таким как Selfridges или Debenhams.

Компания была основана в 1994 году и в настоящее время в ней работают 600 человек.

В чём секрет её успеха? Она всегда была честолюбива. После школы она устроилась на временную летнюю работу в IBM и осталась там на 14 лет. «Я тогда знала, что хотела управлять акционерной компанией к 35 годам и после иметь компанию стоимостью к 2001 году £0,5 миллиарда». Другая причина – её муж, Джефф, который работает неполный рабочий день на компанию и другую часть времени – дома, присматривая за их двумя детьми. В IBM он досрочно вышел на пенсию, что позволило Никки сконцентрироваться на её карьере. Она не работает в выходные и использует все свои отпуска. Её служащие могут работать дома, если они того хотят, и она позволяет им брать свободное время для семьи, когда им необходимо. «Я рассматриваю чью-либо карьеру как долгое путешествие. Мы - долгосрочные работодатели», – сказала она, после получения своего приза от спонсоров Veuve Clicquot. Это очень сильные, старомодные ценности из уст того, кто стоит во главе такой современной, высокотехнологичной компании.

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