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Lastowka G. et al. Turkmen-English Dictionary - файл dict.doc

Lastowka G. et al. Turkmen-English Dictionary
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copyright 1996 -- do not distribute, re-post, or deep-link without permission

Please Note:

This dictionary was intended to further understanding between English and Turkmen speakers. It may be freely distributed for educational purposes. It may not be sold for profit without the express written permission of its authors. Please direct all comments and inquiries regarding this dictionary to the following e-mail address: greglas@aya.yale.edu

Helpful feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.

Greg Lastowka

Charlottesville 1999

Turkmen - English


a SPA project of Peace Corps Turkmenistan

Contributing Editors:

Jonathan Garrett

Greg Lastowka

Akgul Muhammetmuradova

Jahan Myradova

Kimberly Naahielua

Meena Pallipamu

Muhammed Rustamov

Meretgul Sharipova

Aynabat Yaylymova

© 1996 Garret, Lastowka, Naahielua, Pallipamu


This dictionary is, to our knowledge, the first comprehensive Turkmen/English dictionary to be printed. It consists of over 10,000 words and definitions and is intended as a general-purpose dictionary.

This dictionary was conceptualized, researched, and written as a secondary project of Peace Corps volunteers living in Turkmenistan, aided by Peace Corps staff and local counterparts. Its first printing was funded by a Small Project Assistance grant from the United States Goverment through Peace Corps Turkmenistan. We hope that it will aid in communication and mutual understanding between the people of our two countries.

Please direct any comments, corrections, or ommissions to Turkmen Dictionary Project, c/o Peace Corps Turkmenistan, P.O. Box 258, Krugozor, Central Post Office, Ashgabat 744000.


This dictionary was a cooperative effort. We would like to extend our thanks to: Ainabat Yaylymova for her enthusiasm and dedication to the project; Muhamet Rustamov of Bairam Ali for his expertise and assistance in translating obscure phrases and usages; Mehri Karkulova and Zuhre of the Peace Corp Staff in Ashgabat for their proofreading and general assistance; Berdi and Gulya Orazahatov of Bairam Ali for their encouragement and support; Sofia Esenovna Bagirova of Buzmein for her encouragement; and special thanks to Atgul Muhammetmuradova for her assistance throughout the project.

The authors also wish to acknowledge the contribution of V. Mesgudov, whose ^ Turkmen/Russian Student's Dictionary was an important resource.

Above all, the authors would like to thank our Turkmen friends, families, and co-workers, who taught us their language and made this book possible.

Jonathan Garrett

Greg Lastowka

Kimberly Naahielua

Meena Pallipamu

Ashgabat, September 1996


adj. adjective

adv. adverb

anat. anatomical

bot. botanical

col. colloquial

fig. figurative use

geol. geological

geom. geometrical

gram. grammatical

i.e. for example

mat. mathematical

med. medical

mil. military

n. noun, or noun-adjective

poet. poetic language

r. denotes that the word in question is either exists in the Russian language, or is derived from a word that exists in the Russian language.

v. verb

zool. zoological

Notes on Method

Every attempt was made to find the most reasonable and accurate translation for all words. In cases where a single Turkmen word has no single equivalent in English, multiple possible translations are separated by a comma, i.e.:

çekisme discussion, debate

When a word has various meaning in Turkmen, the multiple meanings are separated by numbers, i.e.:

gujak 1. embrace 2. armfull

When a two completely different words are spelled alike, their different meanings are separated by Roman numerals, i.e.:

saz I. music, musical II. accurate, intact

Where two words are spelled alike, but differentiated by a long vowel (see Appendix), they are listed as above, with the long vowel indicated by the vowel letter in brackets, i.e.:

at I. horse II.[a:] 1. name 2. vowel

Occasional examples of usage are given to help readers understand the word in context, or understand how the word is used in an idiomatic way. In this case, the illustrated word is followed by a colon, which is followed by the example, i.e.:

dek like, as: Bu burç dek ajy = This is hot as a pepper

In most cases, part of speech is obvious and ommitted in the interest of conserving space. However, when the part of speech is would otherwise be ambiguous, it is indicated.

When single-word translations are impossible, or clarification of usage is necessary, editorial text is written in italics. For short one or two word comments, parentheses are used.

^ Printer's Note

At the time of this printing, a complete computer-based font of the new Turkmen alphabet characters was not available to the general public. As a result, three characters have been substituted with close equivalents. These characters are as follows:

Official Character Substitute Character

¥ / ÿ

£ / £

? / ?


abadanヘylyk   well-being

abadanlaºdyrmak   to make well

abadanlaºmak   to be made well

abanmak   to lean over

abat   intact

abatlyk   intactness

abraØ   reputation

abuna   subscription

abunaヘy   subscriber

abzal   tool

abzallar   instruments

abzallaºdyrmak   to make a tool

aヘ gšz   greedy

aヘ   open

aヘ-aヘan   freely, frankly : Aヘ-aヘan aØtsana = Please speak frankly

aヘar   key

aヘgšzlylyk   greed, fighting by greedy people

aヘmak   to open

aヘyk   adj. open

aヘylyº   opening

ada   island

adaglamak   to betrothe

adagly   betrothed

adalat   fairness

adalatly   fair, just

adalatlylyk   justice

adalatsyzlyk   injustice

adalga   term, title

adam   person, man

adamkŠrヘilik   philanthropy

adamzat   humanity

adatヘa   normal, okay

adatlanmak   to adapt

adaty   usual

admiral   r. admiral

adres   r. address

adykmak   to acquire

adyl   lavish, wealthy

ady–daky   named after

affiks   r. affix

afiºa   r. poster

afrikaly   African

aga   1. older brother 2. (Balkan dialect) uncle

agajet   withered, wrinkled

agaran   1. creamy froth of ヘal 2. foam, froth 3. lightened, whipped up

agdar-du–der etmek   to turn upside-down

agdarmak   to overturn, push over

agdyk   overmuch

agdyklyk   predominance

aglaba   often, the greater part

aglamak   to cry, weep

agralmak   1. to grow heavy, weighten 2. to advance in pregnancy

agram   weight

agramly   heavy

agsak   lame

agsamak   to limp

agºamky   adj. evening

agºamlyk nahar   dinner

agtarmak   to search, to look for

agtaryº   search, quest

agtyk   grandchild

agy   weeping, crying

agyl   pen, enclosure

agyr   heavy

agyrlyk   weight

agyrmak   to hurt

agyrtmak   to hurt, cause pain

agyry   1. ill 2. troubles

agyz beklemek   to fast

agyz   mouth

agyzzyryk   horse's bit

agza   member

agzala   disjointed

agzamak   1. to mention someone else 2. to give voice to

agzybir   friendly

agzybirlik   friendship

ah   darn!

aha   aha!

ahlak   moral (of a story)

ahmyr etmek   to regret, lament

ahmyr   regret, lament

ahwalet   adverb

ahyr   1. trough 2. end, exit

ahyrky   last, final

ahyryn   last, final

ajal   death

ajamak   1. to be spoiled 2. to be fermented

ajatmak   1. to spoil 2. to ferment

ajaØyp   wonderful, beautiful

ajdarha   dragon

ajšze   on an empty stomach

ajy   spicy, peppery, hot

ajyga   ajyga, a spicy Turkmen salad or sauce made from potatoes, garlic, peppers, and onions

ajykmak   to be hungry, hunger

ak   white

akaba   flowing

akar   stream, flow

akdyrmak   to release, let flow water or any other liquid

akgšwŸnli   honest, open-hearted

aklamak   to whiten, white-wash

aklawヘy   lawyer

akmak   1. foolish, stupid 2. to flow

akmaklyk   stupidity

akrobat   r. acrobat

aktiw   r. active

aktØor   r. actor

akØuzli   pale

akyl   mind

akyldar   intellectual

akylly    smart, clever

akylsyz   stupid

akylsyzlyk   stupidity

akym   stream, flow

akytmak   to pour

al   pink

ala   multi-colored (2 colors)

alabahar   early spring

alabeder   multi-colored (3 or more colors)

alaヘ   exit, escape

alaヘsyz   inescapable

alaヘsyzlyk   inevitability, unavoidability

alada   cares, troubles

alada etmek   to care for, go to trouble over

aladalanmak   to care for, go to trouble over

aladaly   troubled, preoccupied

aladandan   in the pre-dawn

alahekik   magpie

alahuberen   alahuberen, a species of white and gray snake

alaja   talisman of camel hair

alajy   purchaser, customer

alaka   rat

alamat   mark, sign, signifier

alamatlandyrmak   to signify

ala–   hill

alarmak   to dazzle

alarylmak   to stare threateningly, to glare angrily

alasarmyk   cloudy, uncertain

alaØaz   early spring: ol alaØaz Øaly boldy = he came out of his bad mood

alヘak   friendly, sociable

aldamak   to lie

aldanmak   to deceive oneself

aldaw   deception, lie

aldawヘy   liar, rascal, faker

aldygyna   to the best of (my, its, his) ability : Men buni aldyguna etdim = I tried my best to do this

aldym-berdimli   hard-fought, give-and-take

algy   debt

aljyramak   to be insecure

aljyra––y   insecure, uncertain, afraid to act

aljyratmak   to make someone/something a nervous wreck

alkym   chin

allanŠme   wonderful

alma   1. apple 2. (as a command) Don't take it!

almak   to take

al–asamak   to hurry, make haste

al–asan   hurried

al–asatmak   to hasten

altmyº   sixty

alty   six

altyn   gold

aluw-satuw   commerce

alyjy   buyer

alym   scientist

alymlyk   science (degree)

alyn   forehead, way, lead

alyndaky   fore

alynda–y   head scarf

alyp gelmek   to come taking, to bring

alys   far

alysda   distant

alyº-ヘalyº   exchange

alyºmak   to exchange

amal   action

aman   1. health, safety, wholeness 2. safe

amanat   unknown property

amatly   comfortable, handy

amatsyz   uncomfortable

angyz   spicy plant

anna   friday

anonom   anonymous

ant   oath

anyk   obvious

anyklamak   to make clear

anyklyk   clarity

a–   mind, thought

a–-bilim   education, knowledge

a–-dŸºŸnje   prospect, vista

a–almak   to wonder

a–karmak   to look over

a–kaw   stinker

a–kawmak   to emit an unpleasing odor

a–latma   expression, formula

a–latmak   to express, signify

a–ly   sober

a–mak   to feel, understand

a–ry   opposite

a–sat   easy

a–syrmak   to understand

a–zak   frost

ap-ak   whitest

apbasy   two-sided

ar almak   to take revenge

ar   revenge

ar-namys   integrity

ara   interval, middle

araba   cart (animal driven)

arabaglanºyk   tie, connection

araヘŠk   border

araヘŠkdeº   bordering

araヘy   intermediary

arada   recently

aradan ヘykmak   to die

aradan   since then

aragatnaºyk   tie, connection

arak   vodka

arakesme   recess, break. time-out

aralamak   to take apart

aralaºmak   to attack

aralyk   1. distance, interval 2. middle-sized

aram   moderately

aram-aram   sometimes, now and then

arassa   clean

arassalamak   1. to clean 2. to peel

ardynjyramak   to cough up

argaヘ   woof, weft (carpet-making term)

argyn   tired

argynlyk   weariness

arheolog   r. archeology, archeologist

arheologik   r. archeological

arhitektura   r. architecture

arhiw   r. archive

arka   back (physical)

arkadaØŠnヘ   brace, support

arkalanmak   to hope

arkalaºmak   to give a hand to, assist

arkalaºyk   mutual aid

arkalaºyk   support

arkaly   supported, helped by

arkan   prone

arkaØyn bolmak   to count on

arkaØyn   safe

arkaØynlamak   to quiet, to make still

arman   impossible fantasy

armyt   pear

arpa   barley

arryk   skinny

arryklamak   to get skinny

arslan   lion

artdyrma   increase, multiply

artilleriØa   r. artillery

artist   r. artist, actor

artmak   1. to increase 2. to peel

artyk   extra

artykmaヘ   1. extra 2. very: artykmaヘ gyz = very good girl

ary   bee

arza   declaration

arzan   inexpensive

arzuw   dream, wish

arzuw etmek   to wish

arzuwlamak   to wish

as   lizard

asfalt   r. asphalt

asgyヘ   hanging peg

asgyn   weak

asgynlamak   to weaken

asgynlyk   weakness

asgyrmak   to sneeze

aslynda   generally

asmak   to hang up

asman   air, sky

aspirant   r. graduate student

assa   gently

assistent   r. assistant

assyryn   secret

assyrynlyk   secretiveness

ast   bottom, below

astronom   r. astronomer

astronomiØa   r. astronomy

asuda   peaceful

asudalyk   peace

asyl   tribe, kin : sizi– asly–iz kim? = Who are your kin?

asylly   noble

asylmak   to hang

asylyp durmak   tohang, be hanging

asyr   century

aº   food

aºa   too much

aºak   below : aØagy– aºagynda bolmak = to be underfoot

aºaklamak   to lower

aºaky   beggar, low-life

aºgar   lye

aºgazan   stomach

aºmak   to cross : Kšヘeden aºdym = I crossed the street

aºpez   cook

aºyk   sheep knee-bones (used in a children's game like dice)

aºyr   somersault

aºyrmak   to get across

at   1. horse 2. [a:] first name 3. [a:] noun 4. (as a command) shoot!

at calysma   pronoun

at capysyk   horse race

at Øatak   stable

at-abraØ   authority, reputation

ata   grandfather

ata-baba   forefather

ata-ene   parents

atagzy   1. mouthful, bite 2. pliers

atanak   cross

atanaklaØyn   upon the cross

atarmak   to get started (about cooking)

atdaº   namesake

atgulak   1. wedding gifts 2. a kind of grass

atlandyrmak   to name, call

atlaØyn   1. [a:] namely 2. on top

atlaz   1. r. atlas 2. r. satin

atletika   r. athletics

atly   1. [a:] namely 2. [a:] topmost 3. [a:] famous 4. on horseback

atmak   1. throw 2. put 3. shoot (a weapon) 4. to add drink or food

atmosfera   r. atmosphere

atom   r. atom

atØatak   stall, booth

atØuzli   narrow

atyjy   shooter

atym   fingerful (about a tablespoon)

atyr   scent

atyºmak   to shoot down

atyz   garden bed

auditoriØa   r. auditiorium

aut   out (as used in sports)

aw   hunt

awamak   to hunt

awatmak   to hunt (something)

awヘy   hunter

awlamak   to hunt

awuºamak   to hunt (something)

awy   poison

aØ   1. moon 2. month

aØa   palm

aØaguヘ   geo. foot, bottom

aØak   leg, end

aØakヘy   mosquito (lit. "legger")

aØakgap   footwear

aØakgap   shoe

aØaklamak   to finish

aØakly   leggy, fast

aØakØala–aヘ   barefoot

aØal   wife, woman

aØamak   to take care of

aØan   obvious

aØat   memorial ceremony

aØawly   cautious

aØaz   frost

aØba-aØ   every month

aØbogdaº   "Indian style" : AØbogdaºy–y gurup otyrØarys = We're sitting "Indian style"

aØdylmak   to pronounce : By sšz nŠhile aØdilØar? = How do you pronounce this word?

aØdylyº   pronunciation

aØdym   song

aØdymヘi   singer

aØdy–   1. moonlit, moon (adj.) 2. obvious

aØdy–laºdyrmak   to make clear, explain

aØgyr   stallion

aØgyt   determination

aØgytly   determined

aØlag   1. circle 2. gulf

aØlamak   to turn, reflect

aØlanjyramak   to stroll, saunter

aØlanma   rotation

aØlanmak   1. to go around, turn

aØla–-saØla–   a little stroll

aØlar   seasons

aØlaw   1. circle 2. racetrack

aØlawly   circular, curvy, winding

aØlyk   1. salary 2. monthly

aØmanヘa   fence

aØna   window, glass, mirror

aØnadan   reflective

aØnalamak   to make glassy

aØra   singular, unique

aØralyk   loneliness, separation

aØratyn   specific, particular

aØratynlyk   specificity

aØry   different

aØrylmak   1. to get out 2. to complete 3. to die

aØy   bear (animal)

aØyl-saØyl   obvious

aØylganヘ   fright, horror

aØyp   worthy of blame

aØypgyヘ   accusative (gram.)

aØyplamak    to blame

aØyrmak   to complete

az   little, few

az-azdan   little by little

az-oblak   a little bit

aza   ill

azalmak   to lessen

azap   torment, torture

azar bermek   to give trouble, pain

azar   trouble, pain

azaºmak   to get lost

azat   free

azatlyk   freedom

azgyrylmak   to holler

azmak   to get spoiled

azot   r. nitrogen

azyk   food


baba   grandfather

babatda   on the part of

babatdan   from that, that's why

bada   initially

bada-bat   immediately

badamjan   eggplant

badyna   immediately

bag   1. tree 2. lace, shoelace

bagaj   r. baggage

bagana   sheep skin

bagjyk   lace

baglamak   to join, connect

baglanyºyk   joint, unison

baglanyºykly   united

baglaØjy   united, joined

bagly bolmak   to depend on

bagly   dependent

bagºy   singer

bagt   luck

bagtly   happy (with luck)

bagyr   liver

bagyr-šØken   lungs

bagyº   devoted

bagyºlamak   1. to forgive 2. to dedicate, devote

baha   mark, grade, price

bahana   excuse

bahanlamak   to find an excuse for

bahar   spring

bahyl   envious

bahyllyk   envy

bahym   soon (dialect of basym)

baja   wife's brother

bajak   cousin

bajy   husband's sister (rarely used)

bajyp   significant, important

bak   tank, vessel

baka   straight toward: Ol ma–a baka ØšrŠr gelØŠrdi = she came straight to me

bakaleØa   r. grocery store, groceries

bakaly   well, c'mon : AØt bakaly = well, tell me already

bakja   melonfield

bakmak   to graze animals

bakteria   r. bacteria

baky   eternal

bakyna   colonial

bakyº   glance : ogryn bakyº = a furtive (stolen) glance

bal   honey

bala   baby

balak   pants

balヘy   bee-keeper

baldak   stable

baldyz   younger sister-in-law

balet   r. ballet

balkon   r. balcony

balkyldamak   to glisten, glitter

ballistik   r. ballistic

balyk   fish

banderol   r. package

bank   bank

banka   r. jar

bap   chapter

bar   to exist : Seni– kellŠ– barmy? = Are you thinking? (Do you have your head?)

barabar   equal, equally

barada   about

bardaºly   healthy

bardy-geldi   if something comes up : Bardy-geldi siz gerek bolsany–iz... = If it happens you need something...

barha   all

barlag   check-up

barlag iº   quiz

barlagヘy   examiner

barlamak   to check, examine

barly   rich in possessions, abundant

barlyk   being

barlyºyk   coming, meeting, gathering

barmak   1. finger, toe 2. to go

barrikada   r. baracade

bars   r. snow leopard

barØer   r. barrier

bary   all, everyone, everything, entire: Bary ºumy? = Is this all?

bary-Øogy   all in all

baryp   again

basgalamak   to trample

basganヘak   step(s)

basmak   to press

basseØn   r. pool

bassyrma   awning

basybalyjy   agressor

basylmak   to lose, be defeated

basym   soon

basyrganmak   to rant and rave

basyrmak   to close, cover

basyº   pressure

baº   1. head 2. [a:] boil, abscess

baº egme   worship

baº egmek   to worship

baº tutan   boss, chief

baºa-baº   one on one

baºagaØ   1. vain 2. busy

baºagaØlyk   vanity

baºarjan   efficient

baºarmak   to be able to

baºarnykly   able, capable

baºarnyklyk   ability

baºaºak   the very height, the tippy-top

baºda    in the beginning

baºdan   from the very start

baºdan-aØak   from head to toes

baºga   other

baºga zat   other things

baºgaヘa   1. differently 2. otherwise

baºlamak   to begin

baºlangyヘ   primary beginning

baºly-barat   orderliness

baºlyk   boss, hetman

bat   span

batalion   r. battallion

batareØa   r. battery

batga   1. slime, mud 2. swamp

batlandyrmak   to stretch, extend

batmak   to sink, fall

batnyksyz   meaningless, silly

batyr   courageous, bold

batyrlyk   courage, boldness

baØ   rich

baØ-bow   good golly! sheesh!

baØan   enriched, become rich

baØanmak   to become rich

baØdak   flag

baØguº   owl

baØlaºdyrmak   to enrich

baØlyk   wealth

baØrak   prize, reward

baØram   festival

baØry   old, great

baØrynmak   to rely, be protected, be supported

baØtal   mare

baØyr   hill

baza   r. base, foundation

bazar   bazaar

be   wow! oh! gosh!

bede   hay

beden   body

beden terbiØe   physical training

bedenterbie   gym, exercise

bedre   pail

bedroØ   ugly

begenヘ   joy

begendirmek   to gladden

begeØik   gusset

begres   coat

bejergi   1. treatment 2. design, pattern

bejermek   to treat, repair

bekemek   to harden, strengthen

beklemek   to block, seal off

bela   disaster

belent   big, tall, majestic

belentlik   height

belet   acquainted

beletヘilik   acquaintance

belgi   sign

belgilemek   to signify, make or place a sign

belka   squirrel

belke   a noodle dish

belki   apparent

bellenme   nomination

bellenmek   to nominate, make known

belli   well-known

bellik   sign

bent   dam, dyke

bentlemek   to dam up

benzin   r. gasoline

berbat   destroyed, destruction

berヘ   tumor

berヘikmek   to satiate

berヘin   rivet

berekella   clever, "way-to-go"

bereket   abundance

bereketli   abundant

berentak   some

bergi   debt

bergidar   debtor

berhizli   on a diet

berjaØ   fulfilment : Men buØrugy berjaØ etdim = I fulfilled the order

berk   firm, strong

berkitme   reinforced, reinforcement

berkitmek   to fortify

berklik   firmness, strength

berØoza   r. birch

bes   enough

beslemek   to decorate

bet   bad

betbagt   bad luck

betbagtlyk   accident, misfortune

beter   worse

beterlemek   to worsen : Ùel beterleØŠrdi = The wind got worse

betgelºik   ugly

betlik   badness, mischief

betnebis   greedy

betnebislik   greed

betniet   malevolent, plotting

betnysan   ugly

beton   r. concrete

betpŠl   malevolent, plotting

beØan etmek   to describe, retell, relate

beØan   tale

beØanama   tale

beØemヘi   manager

beØemヘilik etmek   to manage

beØgelmek   to grow taller

beØhuº   unconscious

beØi   quince

beØik   great, grand

beØikli-pesli   high and low, one and all

beØiklik   height

beØle   1. so, such : BeØle zady nireden aldy–? = Where did you get such a thing? 2. that side

beØleki   the other, a different

beØlŠk   there : Ol beØlŠk gitdi = He went there

beØni   brain

bezeg   decoration

bezemek   to decorate

bezemen   well-dressed

bezmek   same as bezikmek

bezzat   little rascal

bŠ   golly, wow

bŠbek   baby

bŠgŸl   rose

bŠhbit   advantage, gain, profit

bŠlヘik   merry

bŠlヘiremek   to make merry

bŠlヘireºmek   to joke around

bŠri   1. here 2. since, this side of

bŠrik   here : BŠrik geli– = Come here

bŠsdeº   rival

bŠsleºik   rivalry

bŠº   five : BŠº barmagymy– Øaly bilØŠrin = I know it like my five fingers

bŠºlik   1. "A" student 2. n. five, fiver

biabraØ   shameful

biabraØlyk   shame: Gšr, nŠhile biabraØlyk! = What a shame!

biagyry   careless, carefree

bialaヘ   willy-nilly, involuntarily: Biz bialaヘ razylaºdyk = We agreed against our will

biヘak   very, extremely : Sizde biヘak uly piºik bar = You have an extremely big cat

biヘim   cut, fashion

biヘimヘi   tailor

biヘmek   to cut, tailor

biderek   1. useless, worthless 2. dangerous

bidin   without permission

bidŸzgŸn   undisciplined

biedep   discourteous

biedeplik   discourtesy

bigaØrat   incapable

bigŸnŠ   innocent

bigŸnŠlik   innocence

bihabar   misinformed

bihepbe   a do-nothing, lazybones

bijaØ   1. uncomfortable

bije   lot, fate, fortune : Bijeli oglan aglamaz Å Accept your fate

bikanun   lawless

bikŠr   idle

bil   waist

bilagyry   rheumatism

bilbag   belt

bilbil   nightingale

bildiriº   announcement

bildirmek   to make known, to report upon

bile   together

bilek   fore-arm

bileleºik   association

bilelikde   together

bilen   with : ‚aØy gant bilen iヘ! = Drink the tea with sugar!

bilesigeliji   curious, prying

bilesigelijilik   curiousity

bilet   r. ticket

bilezik   bracelet

bilgeºleØin   on purpose

bilguºak   sash, girdle, belt

bilim   education, knowledge

bilimli   educated, knowledgeable

bilmek   to know, to be able : Men ØŸzŸp bilmeØŠrin = I can't swim

bilmezden   unknown

bilmezlik   unknowing

bimamla   wrong : Sen bimamla = You're wrong.

bimaza   sleepless

bina   building

binamys   shameless

bintlemek   to screw in

binØŠt?   eternally joined (?)

biografiØa   r. biography

biologiØa   r. biology

biparh   indifferent, careless

biperwaØ   indifferent

biperwaØlyk   indifference

bir bar eken, bir Øok eken   traditional story opening, like our "Once upon a time... "(lit. One says it was, one says it wasn't)

bir menzes   identical

bir   one, a

biraz   a little

birazajyk   a little bit

birbada   from the beginning

birヘak   long ago

birden   suddenly

birdenka   all of a sudden

birehim   heartless, worthless

birek-biregi   each other

birhili   1. strange, somewhat 2. monotonous, boring

biri   one of : kitaby– biri = one of the books

birigŸn   day after tomorrow

birikmek   to unite

birin-birin   from start to finish

birinji   first

biri–ilik   priority

birkemsiz   irreproachable

birleºdirmek   to unite

birleºen   united

birleºik   union

birleºmek   to be united : €hli Øurtlary– proletary birleºi–! = Workers of the world, unite!

birlik   1. unit 2. oneness 3. only

birlikde   together, as one

birmahal   a long time ago

birme–zeº   identical

birnŠヘe   some

birsydyrgyn   consecutive, uniformly distributed

birsyhly   continuous : ‚agajyk birsyhly aglardy = The kid was crying constantly

birtaraplaØyn   one-sided

birwagt   a long time ago, once

birØyllyk   adj. one-year

bisarpa   thriftless, uneconomical

biº-duº   meal

biºirmek   to cook, prepare a dish : meni– ejem ヘšrek biºirdi = my mother made bread (ヘšrek)

biºmek    to be cooked

bitarap   neutral

bitaraplyk   neutrality

bitaØ   pairless, odd: bitaØ jorap = odd sock

bitewi   sole

bitin   whole, entire

bitirmek   to fill up

bitmek   to become full, to be fulfilled: Onu– islegi bitdi = His desires were fulfilled

biwagt   at the wrong time

biwepa   faithless, untrue

biwepalyk   faithlessness

biygtyØar   involuntary

biynjalyk   uneasy

biz   1. we 2. awl

bizar bolmak   to get sick of, grow tired of: Sizi– gŸrrŸ–leri–izden men bezigipdirin = I've grown tired of your talk

blank   r. form

bloknot   r. notepad

bogaldak   mast

bogaz   1. inlet 2. throat

bogmak   to tie, bind

bognamak   to saw: Agajy bognadym = I sawed wood

bogulmak   to suffocate

bogun   syllable

bok   feces

boks   r. boxing

boksヘy   boxer

bokyrdak   throat

bol   1. full of, rich with : By derØada balyk bol = This river is full of fish 2. Command form of bolmak, often used with animals : Bol! = Stay!

bolelenlik   sufficient

bolgusyz   meaningless, absurd, ridiculous

bolmak   to be, happen

bolmasa   if not, or else : Gowy oka, bolmasa instituta girip bilmersi– = Study well, or else you won't enter the institute.

boluヘlyk   abundant

boluº   1. behaviour 2. victory

bolØar   okay, good

bomba   r. bomb

bombalamak   to bomb

boran   snowstorm

borヘ   duty

borヘlanmak   to take a duty upon oneself

borona   r. harrow (in a field)

borº   r. borscht (soup)

bort   r. beehive

bosaga   threshold : bosagadan Štlemek = to cross a threshold

bosmak   to flee

boº   free, empty, unused

boºatmak   to empty, unload

boºluk   emptiness

botanika   r. botanical

botlamak   to birth, to calve

boØ   height

boØag   paint

boØamak   to paint

boØdan-baºa   from start to finish

boØdaº   1. girlfriend 2. person of the same height

boØun almak   to admit, confess

boØun   neck

boØunヘa   on, along, according to : Plan boØunヘa iºledik = We worked according to the plan

boz   fallow, untilled : boz erler = virgin lands

bozgak   trouble-maker

bozgaklyk   trouble, sedition

bozguヘ   eraser

bozmak   1. to erase 2. to ruin

bozulan   out of tune, out of whack

bozylmak   to be ruined

bškdemek   to obstruct

bškdenヘ   obstruction

bškmek   to bounce, jump

bšlek   part

bšlek-bšlek   to pieces : Kagyzy bšlek-bšlek etdim = I tore the paper to pieces

bšlekleyin   partial

bšlmek   to divide, to part

bšlŸm   section

bšlŸºmek   to get done

bšrek   pilmeni

bšri   wolf, wolfish

bšrŸk   skull cap

bšwet   dam

bšwrek   kidney

bšwºe–   spacious

bšwŸr   side, flank : Meni– sag bšwrŸm agyrØar = My right side hurts

bšwŸrslen   blackberry

bšwŸsmek   to penetrate, break through

bu   this

bug   steam

bugarmak   to evaporate

bugdaØ renk   dark in complexion

bugdaØ   wheat

bugdaØ   wheat

buhgalter   r. bookkeeper

bukdaklamak   to creep, to sneak

bukja   bag, envelope

bukmak   to conceal, hide away : Ol otlyヘšpi ヘagalardan bukØar = She hides the matches from the kids

bukullym   hide and seek (game)

buky   shelter, cover

bulak   spring, tap

bulam-bujar   confusion

bulamak   to mix, stir

bulanmak   1. to be mixed, stirred 2. to feel nauseous, vomitous

bulaºdyrmak   to mix up

bulaºmak   1. to get dirty 2. to get tangled and confused

bulaºyk   entangled

bulaØlamak   to wave, brandish

buldozer   r. bulldozer

buldurヘyn   frost

bulgur   wine-glass

bulukmak   to increase

bulut   cloud

burawlamak   to drill, bore

burヘ   1. angle, corner 2. pepper

burjy   frost

burmak   to twist, whirl

burugヘy   a puff

burugsamak   to puff, swirl, curl (of smoke)

burun   nose

buºlamak   to bring good tidings : Ol meni– oglumy– bolanyny buºlady = He brought me the news of my son's birth

but   hip, thigh

buterbrod   r. sandwich

buthana   church

butnamak   to move : Butnaman dur! = Stand still!

buØrak   curl, curly = buØrak saヘly Øigit = curly-haired lad

buØruk   command

buØsanヘ   pride

buØsanjan   proud

buØsanmak   to be proud

buØurmak   to order, command

buz   ice

bŸdremek   to stumble on : Daºa bŸdredim = I tripped on a stone

bŸkdŸrmek   to pound, twist

bŸkgŸldemek   to throb, pound

bŸkmek   to bend

bŸkŸlmek   to be bent, to bend (oneself)

bŸre   1. flea 2. fleabite

bŸremek   to cloud, obscure

bŸrgŸt   eagle

bŸrjeºmek   to be wrinkled

bŸrkŸr   hunched

bŸrmek   to wrinkle

bŸrŸnヘ   1. bronze 2. rice

bŸtin   whole, throughout

bŸtindŸnØa   universal

bŸtinleØ   completely

bŸzmek   to tighten, pull together

bŸzŸlmek   to be tightened

bØujet   r. budget

bØuro   r. bureau

byヘgy   saw

byヘgylmak   to saw

bykyn   side

byzmyk   pancake, crepe

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