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Lastowka G. et al. Turkmen-English Dictionary - файл dict.doc

Lastowka G. et al. Turkmen-English Dictionary
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ヘabga   downpour

ヘadyr   tent

ヘaga   1. child 2. children's

ヘaga-ヘuga   children, kids

ヘagalar bagy   kindergarden

ヘagaly   with children

ヘagalyk   1. childhood 2. childness

ヘagarmak   to call, invite

ヘagaryº   invitation

ヘagsamak   1. to be destroyed 2. to be old

ヘagsyldamak   to rustle

ヘagyl   gravel

ヘagyrmak   1. to invite 2. to call 3. to summon

ヘak   1. measure, degree, way 2. offer, proposal, suggestion 3. time 4. probability, likelihood

ヘak etmek   to guess

ヘakdanaºa   excessive

ヘakgan   dextrous, adroit, deft

ヘakganlyk   adroitness, dexterity

ヘakgy   pen-knife

ヘaklamak   to suppose, assume

ヘakmak   1. to sting or bite 2. to chirp

ヘaknyºmak   1. to strike, knock 2. to collide, run into

ヘaknyºyk   collision, crash

ヘaksyz   immeasurable, immense

ヘakylyk   invitation

ヘakyr   alcohol

ヘakyºmak   to collide, run into, come across

ヘakyza   sick; having a headache

ヘal   I. camel's milk II. gray, dull in color

ヘala   1. hardly, scarcely; only a little 2. incidentally, in passing 3. slowly

ヘalaja   a little

ヘalajan   half-dead

ヘalam-ヘaº   scattered

ヘalarmak   to turn gray

ヘalasowat   uneducated, ignorant

ヘalasowatlyk   ignorance

ヘalasyn   quick, agile

ヘalasynlyk   quickness, agility

ヘalgy   machete

ヘalgyrt   with an accent

ヘalmak   1. to smear, rub, spread 2. to play a musical instrument 3. to grind; sharpen 4. to strike, knock, hit

ヘalpaw   puddle, pool

ヘalºyk   exchange, interchange

ヘalºyrgyヘ   shift (of work)

ヘalºyrmak   1. to exchange; barter 2. to confuse, mix-up

ヘalºyrynmak   to change one's clothes

ヘalt   quickly, rapidly

ヘaltlandyrmak   to accelerate; speed

ヘaltlyk   quickness, swiftness, rapidity

ヘalykmak   to dry up, wither

ヘalym etmek   to resemble

ヘalyºma   1. exchange 2. pronoun

ヘalyºmak   1. to exchange; barter 2. to vary, alternate 3. to try for, strive for 4. to be replaced, relieved

ヘaman   lazy, idle, sluggish

ヘanak   1. cup 2. kneecap

ヘanaklyk   pelvis

ヘa–   dust

ヘa–amak   to get dusty

ヘa–jarmak   to get dusty

ヘa––alak   to become dusty

ヘap etme   publication

ヘap etmek   to publish

ヘap   seal, stamp

ヘapady   chapati

ヘapak   I. cotton II.

ヘapヘy   printer

ヘapgy   chopper, small hammer

ヘapgyn   sharp, biting, piercing

ヘaphana   printing plant

ヘapmak   I. 1. to skip, hop, gallop, race 2. to run around, avoid II. to chop

ヘapyk   1. fallen tree 2. scar

ヘapyksuwar   equestrian

ヘapyºmak   to compete with; strive to overpass

ヘapyºyk   race

ヘaramak : baºy–y ヘaramak   to inquire, consult

ヘarh   1. spinning wheel 2. wheel

ヘarkandak   hole

ヘarlak   sea gull

ヘarpaØa galmak   to stand on end

ヘarpmak   to clap

ヘarpyºyk : el ヘarpyºyk   applause

ヘarsenbe   Wednesday

ヘarºak   1. pitchfork 2. fork

ヘarºenbe   Wednesday

ヘarwa   nomad

ヘarwadヘylyk   transcience (the state of being a nomad)

ヘasly   loud, great

ヘaslyk   bandy-legged

ヘasowoØ   r. by the hour, by the clock

ヘasy   slanting, oblique; squinty-eyed

ヘasyrmak   1. to pitch a tent, spread out, set up 2. to knock down, overthrow 3. to knock unconscious

ヘaºmak   1. to disperse, break up 2. to come apart, fall to pieces 3. to lose, waste 4. to be lost, wasted

ヘat   split, crack, crevice

ヘatak   difficult

ヘatalba   anat. sacrum

ヘatlamak   to burst, crack up, split open

ヘatma   hut, tent

ヘatmak   1. to sew, embroider 2. to tie together, connect, bind 3. to snatch, grasp, seize

ヘatryk   crossroads

ヘatynja = tŠze ヘatynja   newlyweds

ヘawmak   to ricochet

ヘaØ   I. tea II. small river, creek

ヘaØ-ヘšrek   meal

ヘaØhana   tea-house

ヘaØkamak   1. to rinse out 2. to rinse, gargle 3. to rock, swing, shake

ヘaØkamak   to rinse

ヘaØkanmak   to stagger, lurch

ヘaØkeº   tea-lover

ヘaØlamak   to water, give drink

ヘaØmak   to cover, coat

ヘaغarmak   to bend, to distort

ヘaغyk   bandy-legged

ヘaØyr   bot. chayir

ヘebis   kid

ヘebºek   little bunny

ヘek   check : ヘek boØunヘa tšlemek = to pay by check

ヘekankalamak   to mint, coin, chase

ヘekdirme   chekdirme, a traditional Turkmen meat dish

ヘekelemek   1. to torment, torture 2. to pester

ヘekeleºik   discussion, dispute, controversy

ヘekeleºmek   to dispute, argue, quarrel

ヘeker   sliding box, drawer

ヘekge   cheek-bone

ヘekiヘ   hammer

ヘekilmek   1. to step back, fall back, retreat 2. to reduce diminish, grow less 3. to grow lean

ヘekimiz   agreeable, harmonious

ヘekimli   public

ヘekimli ses   vowel

ヘekimsiz ses   consonant

ヘekinmede   feel free to...

ヘekinmek   1. to feel shy, embarrassed 2. to be afraid

ヘekirtge   locust

ヘekis   hammer

ヘekisme   discussion, debate

ヘekiºme etmek   to debate

ヘekiºmeler   debate

ヘekize   chekize: a common milk product resembling cream cheese, but more sour

ヘekmek   I. 1. to pull, draw, tow 2. to carry, drag, pull 3. to last : Examinler bir aØa ヘekdi = The exam took one month 4. to lead, conduct 5. to drag in, involve 6. 7. to smoke 8. to get procure 9. to be like, resemble 10. to carry, bear, bring 11. to draw a picture, make a design II. to hang up; weigh

ヘekremek   to bleat

ヘelek   cask, tun

ヘelgi   landmark

ヘelpek   r.

ヘem   successful moment, good event

ヘemヘe   spoon

ヘeme   convenient situation?

ヘemedan   r. suitcase

ヘemelenmek   to prepare, train

ヘemeleºmek   to approach, go up to, arrive, come

ヘemeli   1. convenient, comfortable 2. exemplary, approximate 3. apparently, evidently

ヘemen   1. banquet wreath 2. meadow

ヘemesiz   inconvenient, uncomfortable

ヘempion   r. champion

ヘempionat   r. championship

ヘen   1. situation 2. time 3. measure, degree, way

ヘendan   sometimes, occasionally, here and there

ヘendanaºa   excessive

ヘenemek   1. to take aim at 2. to threaten

ヘenemek   to chew

ヘenlemek   to suppose, assume, plan

ヘenli   until

ヘensiz   immeasurable, immense

ヘe––ek   hook, crochet needle

ヘep   left, left side

ヘepbekeØ   southpaw, left-handed person

ヘeper   1. skilled, skillful 2. artful 3. eloquent

ヘeper eser   fiction

ヘeperヘilik   mastery, art

ヘeperlik   mastery

ヘepiksi   scrawny, skin-and-bones

ヘerkes   r. Circassian (ethnicity)


ヘermemek   to turn up, tuck up

ヘernil   r. purple

ヘertØor   r. draft, mechanical drawing

ヘeºme   1. key 2. spring, source

ヘeºme   source

ヘet   I. 1. border, edge, boundary 2. fringe II. foreign

ヘetin   difficult

ヘetleºdirmek   to isolate, to insulate

ヘetleºmek   to be isolated, insulated

ヘeØe   flexible, pliable

ヘeØelik   flexibility

ヘeØnemek   1. to chew 2. to bite

ヘŠヘ   agri. yield (of grain)

ヘŠge   sand

ヘŠgesšw Øer   a place with sandy soil

ヘŠk   1. border 2. a definite part

ヘŠklendirmek   to organize

ヘŠklenmek   to be organized, arranged, outlined

ヘŠksiz   boundless, limitless

ヘŠkØaka   collor of a boy's traditional Turkmen shirt

ヘŠre   punishment

ヘŠresiz   forced, of necessity

ヘŠrØek   quarter

ヘŠºermek   to lie, be still

ヘŠØnek   teapot

ヘŠØnik   teapot

ヘig   1. damp, moist 2. unripe, immature 3. crude, raw : ヘig mal = natural resources

ヘigildem   tulip

ヘigilmek   to get tied up in knots

ヘigin   I. shoulder, back II. lot, destiny

ヘigit   sunflower seed : ヘigit Øag = sunflower oil

ヘigmal   raw materials

ヘigmek   1. to get tied up, stuck in a knot 2. to get entangled, confused, perplexed

ヘigrek   rime, mist

ヘigreklemek   to catch a cold

ヘigremek   1. to become chilly 2. to become warm

ヘikge   corner of the eye

ヘil   border

ヘilik   "chilik", a children's game

ヘilim   cigarette

ヘilimkeº   smoker

ヘiliºirmek   to cross one's legs

ヘintgemek   to inquire, to ask

ヘi–e   steadfast

ヘi–erilmek   to stare

ヘi–rik   reed, cane : ºeker ヘi–rik = sugar cane

ヘirkeØ   mosquito; moth

ヘirkin   shrill, penetrating, piercing

ヘirkizmek   to roast; fry

ヘirtmek   1. to pinch, to tweak 2. to cut, incise

ヘisme   inflammation

ヘismek   1. to inflate, swell 2. to inflate, puff out

ヘis–emek   to drizzle

ヘis–i   drizzle, frost

ヘiº   I. swelling, tumor II. 1. spit 2.

ヘiºik   thick, large, big, stout, fat

ヘiºirmek   to inflate, to swell

ヘiºlik   shish-kebob

ヘiºme   inflammation

ヘiºmek   to become inflamed

ヘit   1. chinze, cotton 2. adj. cotton

ヘitgitlemek   to crack; chew nuts, seeds

ヘitim   connection, knot

ヘitmek   to tie together, bend, connect

ヘlen   r. member, limb, article, part

ヘlenlik   r, membership

ヘog   heat, sultriness

ヘogdan   tuft, shred, rag

ヘogmak   to flow, pour, spread

ヘokalamak   to peck

ヘokaØ   chokai, Turkmen leather shoes

ヘokmak   to peck, pick, bite

ヘola   1. secluded 2. unpopulated

ヘolak   cripple

ヘolamak   1. to wrap up drop in 2. to wrap up

ヘolarmak   to become empty, deserted

ヘolaºmak   1. to get confused, mixed up 2. to become entangled

ヘolpy   ladle

ヘoluk   shepherd boy

ヘommalmak   to squat, curtsy

ヘommaltmak   1. to protrude 2. to poke, jab, thrust

ヘonak   lacking one or more toes or fingers

ヘopan   shepherd

ヘopanヘilik   shepherdhood

ヘopantelpek   camomille

ヘor   dirt, mud

ヘorba   soup

ヘorlamak   to get dirty

ヘotga   r. brush

ヘotgalamak   r. 1. to clean 2. to brush, to brush off

ヘowdary   rye

ヘowlamak   I. to sharpen II. to burn, scorch, singe

ヘowluk   great-grandson

ヘoØmak   to warm up, heat

ヘoØun    r. cast iron, made of cast iron

ヘoØunmak   to heat

ヘozmak   1. to advance 2. to dash, rush

ヘške dŸºmek   to sit on the knees, to kneel

ヘškermek   to kneel

ヘšket   low, lower

ヘšketlik   lowlands, hollow

ヘškmek   1. to sink, fall, come down, go down 2. to subside, settle 3. to bend one's knees 4. to sit down, board, get into

ヘškŸndi   1. sediment, aftertaste 2. deposit (geological)

ヘšl   desert

ヘšp   1. stick 2.

ヘšpboØa   bot. chopboia

ヘšpleme   1. (burning) chip, spill 2. brushwood

ヘšplemek   to pick up

ヘšplemek   to pick up, gather, collect

ヘšpŸr   goat wool

ヘšr   low

ヘšrlek   bread (also "food" in general)

ヘšºlemek   used in Øumagy gšºlemek

ヘšwre   back, inside, wrong side

ヘšwrŸlmek   1. to turn inside out 2. to turn over, overturn

ヘšz   anat. mesentery

ヘšzgŸt   decision, resolution

ヘšzlemek   to untangle

ヘšzmek   1. to untie, unleash, loosen 2. to solve, decide, resolve

ヘšzŸlmek   1. to come untied 2. to be resolved

ヘšzŸº   solution

ヘugutmak   to roll up, curl up

ヘukanak   hole

ヘukur   I. hole, pit, dungeon II. 1. deep, profound, low 2. hollow, sunken

ヘukuralmak   1. to extend, make more profuse, make deeper 2. to sink, to grow hollow

ヘukurlyk   hole, pit

ヘu–   deep

ヘu–almak   to make deeper, to become more profound, extensive

ヘu–altmak   to deepen

ヘu–laºmak   to deepen gradually

ヘu–luk   depth, remoteness

ヘu––ur   profound

ヘu–samak   to shriek, yelp

ヘus   swift-footed

ヘuw   adjectival intesifier : Øumagy gšºlemek =

ヘuwal   chuwal, Turkmen sack

ヘuwaº   r. Chugach (nationality)

ヘŸlpe   small, tiny

ヘŸmdŸrmek   1. to put inside, to stick into 2. to immerse, sink into, plunge

ヘŸmhšrek   legible, discernible, fastidious

ヘŸmhšreklik   legibility, scrupulousness

ヘŸmmek   1. to thrust, to plunge, to transfix 2. to be absorbed in, lost in

ヘŸmmŸk   pinch

ヘŸmmŸklemek   to pinch, to tweak

ヘŸmºŸldi   a tickle, a strange feeling on the skin

ヘŸmŸrmek   to soak

ヘŸnki   because, therefore

ヘŸ–k   1. corner, angle, nook 2. beak, bill

ヘŸpremek   to degenerate

ヘŸr depesi   1. top, crest 2. the highest ranks

ヘŸrelmek   to taper

ヘŸri   conical, crested

ヘŸrt-kesik   bluntly; categorically

ヘŸrŸºmek   to wither, shrivel, shrink

ヘŸwde   butt

ヘŸwdŸrmek   to stream, flow, run

ヘŸwek   to drive, transport, pull

ヘŸØ   nail

ヘŸØlemek   to nail

ヘŸØremek   to rot

ヘŸØrŸk   rotten, putrid

ヘŸØrŸklik   rottenness

ヘŸØrŸntgi   humus

ヘŸØºe   1. glass, pane 2. bottle

ヘyban   boil, furnucle

ヘybºyldy   rustle (noise)

ヘybºyrlamak   to rustle (to make a rustling noise)

ヘybyk   rod, switch

ヘybyklamak   1. to cut up, chop, cleave 2. to whip, flog

ヘybyn   mosquito

ヘydam   patience

ヘydamak   1. to suffer, endure, withstand 2. to tolerate, to bear 3. to snatch, grab, seize

ヘydamly   1. tolerant; bearable 2. solid, firm, lasting

ヘydamlylyk   1. tolerance 2. durability

ヘydamsyz   1. impatient 2. intolerant

ヘyg   moisture

ヘygjarmak   to wet or dampen slightly

ヘygly   moist, raw, wet, humid, damp

ヘyglyk   moistness, humidity, dampness

ヘygºyldamak   to rustle (to make a rustling noise)

ヘygºyldy   rustle (noise)

ヘygylmak   to grieve, long for

ヘygyrmak   to cry out, bawl, lament, wail

ヘykalga   exit

ヘykan   cousin

ヘykarmak   1. to take out, pull at 2. to take off, strip, undress 3. to let out, release 4. to dismiss, discard 5. to publish, edit, put out 6. to manufacture, produce 7. to get, obtain, procure 8. to display, expose 9. to dislocate, sprain 10. to remove, transfer

ヘykdajy   expenditure, debt

ヘykdaØjy   expense

ヘykgynsyz   1. continual 2. desperate, hopeless

ヘykmak   1. to exit, to leave 2. to go, set off 3. to climb up, into 4. to utter, emit 5. to result in 6. to turn out, be found 7. to meet 8. to leave, withdraw, drop out 9. to originate, eminate 10. to dislocate, sprain : gapºy ヘykmak = to oppose : Øatdan ヘykmak = to forget

ヘykyrynmak   to take off, to strip

ヘykyº etmek   to perform, make a speech

ヘykyº   speech, presentation

ヘykyw   address

ヘylgym   strip, streak

ヘylka   fillet

ヘylpyk   pus

ヘylpyklamak   to fester

ヘylºyrymlaºdyrmak   to be complicated

ヘylºyrymlaºmak   to become complicated

ヘylºyrymly   complex, complicated

ヘym   : ‚ym-ヘym etme! = Don't be shy! (used when someone is eating little)

ヘyn   true

ヘyn ØŸrekden   sincerely

ヘynar   plane tree

ヘynlakaØ   in earnest, seriously

ヘynØŸrekdeºlik   sincerity

ヘyp   noise from eating?

ヘypar   red, sorrel

ヘypdyrma   lie, falsehood

ヘyplak   lightly dressed, with light baggage

ヘypla–   lightly dressed, with light baggage

ヘyra   lamp

ヘyrヘyk   sickness

ヘyrヘyklamak   to fall ill

ヘyrlamak   to wind around, embrace with

ヘyrmamak   to wrap up

ヘyrmaºmak   to plait, braid

ヘyrmaºyk   ivy

ヘyrpmak   I. to mint, coin II. to rinse, gargle

ヘyrpynmak   1. to wind, wiggle, twist, meander 2. to roar, rage, storm

ヘyrryldamak   to whistle

ヘyrryldyy   a whistle

ヘyrºak   dirt, mud

ヘyrºamak   1. to smear, to rub in, to spread

ヘytalaºmak   to try, to endeavor, to strive

ヘytmak   to knit the browns, to frown, to wrinkle

ヘytyk   1. gloomy, sullen, cloudy (personal) 2. gloomy, dark (weather)

ヘyzgmak   to turn up, to tuck up

ヘyzgy   1. drawing 2. drawing, draft, note

ヘyzgyヘ   ruler (for geometry)

ヘyzmak   to draw, design

ヘyzmyk   stripe

ヘyzyk   line, trait, feature


daban   sole (of foot)

dabara   celebration, ceremony

dabaralanmak   to celebrate, observe a ceremony

dabaraly   ceremonial

dadyrmak   to taste

dag   mountain

dagatmat   to scatter

daglamak   1. to grill 2. to brand

dagly   mountain-dweller

dagy   else, what else : Dagy zat tapmady–my? = Didn't you find anything else?

dagy-duwara   from now on, henceforward

dagynyk   uncoordinated, odd

dahylly   important, relevant : Bu sa–a dahylly dŠl = This doesn't concern you

dakmak   to put on : Ol barmagy–a ØŸzŸk dakdy = She put the ring on her finger

dakynmak   to wear

dalak   med. spleen

dalan   veranda, porch

dalbar   summer-house

dalヘyn   carnation

dalda   help, aid

daljykmak   to pant, be out of breath

damak   throat

damar   vein, artery, nerve : gan damar = blood vessel

damdyk   small drop (i.e. of water)

damja   drop

damjalamak   to drip

dammak   to drip : Dama-dama kšl bolar, hiヘ dammasa - ヘšp bolar Å Drop by drop makes a lake, but not a drop makes a desert

daniØaly   Danish

danmak   to tie, fasten

da– atmak   to dawn

da–   dawn

da–dan   at dawn

da–danky   adj. early-morning

da–mak   1. to tie 2. to wrap around

da–y   tether, tie

dar   narrow

darak   comb

daraklyk   toes

daralmak   to shrink

daramak   to comb

dartgynly   tense, intense

dartmak   to tug

dary   millet

darykmak   to worry

daº   I. far II. 1. exterior 2. yard, outside area 3. cover (i.e. of a book) III. [a:] stone

daº-tšwerek   vicinity, surroundings

daºamak   to carry

daºary   1. outside 2. external

daºary Øurt dili   foreign language

daºdeºen   woodpecker

daºgyn   above, beyond

daºky   outside, outer

daºlamak   to stone, throw stones at

daºlaºdyrmak   to remove, extract

daºly   stony, rocky

daºlykdaky   remote

daºmak   to overflow

daºyndan   besides, in addition to

dat-bidat!   help!

datmak   to taste

davaØ   r. "Come on! Let's!"

dawa   conflict, argument

dawalaºmak   to argue

dawaly   argumentative

daØamak   to prop up

daØanヘ   support

daØaw   strong, healthy

daØhan   peasant (often used to replacethe Russian "kolhoznik" , meaning "collective farmer")

daØy   uncle

daØza   1. aunt 2. ma'am

dazarylmak   to come down hard on someone, get tough with

dazlamak   to rush, speed along

debsilmek   to spur

degerli   1. persuasive, convincing 2. efficacious

degirmek   to concern, affect

degirmen   mill : degirmen daºy = millstone

degiºgen   joker

degiºli bolmak   to belong

degiºli   concerning, in relation to

degiºmek   to joke

degmek   1. to touch 2. to bump against 3. fig. to affect, bother, play with : Gowusy, sen ma–a degme! = You'd better not mess with me!

dek   I. still, unmoving II. like, as : Bu burヘ dek ajy = This is hot as a pepper

dekabr   r, December

dekada   r, decade

dekan   r, dean

dekrek   r, decree

del   unusual, strange

delegat   r, delegate

delegatsiØa   r, delegation

delil   evidence, case

delillendirmek   to present evidence, make a case

dellek   barber

dellekhana   barber shop

dem almak   to breathe

dem   breath, vapor : demi–izi goØberi–! = Please exhale!

dem-dynヘ   a break, a rest

demgysma   asthma

demikmek   to gasp, breath heavily

demir   iron : demir Øol = railroad

demirgazyk   north

demirgazyk-gŸnbatar   northwest

demirgazyk-gŸndogar   northeast

demlemek   to boil (water for tea) : ‚aØ demleØŠrin = I'm making tea

demokratik   r. democratic

demokratsiØa   r. democracy

demrew   herpes (includes all herpes family diseases, such as psoriasis, shingles, and ringworm)

de–   the same, equal : BoØlary de– agaヘlar = The trees are the same height

de–duº   person of the same age, peer

de–e-de–   the same

de–eヘ   until : Biz giヘ agºama de–eヘ oturdyk = We sat until late in the evening

de–emek   1. to check (against, with) 2. to try on

de–eºdirmek   to check (against, with)

de–iz   ocean, sea

de–izヘi   sailor

de–lemek   to make even, to even out

de–lik   equality

de–sizlik   inequality

depder   notebook

depderヘe   little book

depe   1. top 2. hill, knoll 3. can be used as a preposition : DepŠmizden samolØot uヘup geヘdi = A plane flew by above us

depelemek   to trample

depgilemek   to trample

depgip   pace

depjemek   to stitch

depmek   to kick

deprek   drum

deprenmek   to get a kick out of, be taken with

deputat   r. deputy

der   sweat

dere   valley

deregine   instead of : Ol šz kitaby– derigine daºga birini– kitabyny aldy = He took a different book instead of his own

dereje   degree, extent

derek   I. information II. in place of III. bot. poplar

derekli   informative

dereksiz   1. uninformative 2. unmotivated

deri   skin, leather

derkar   necessary

derlemek   to sweat

derman   medicine

dermanhana   drugstore

dermanlamak   to spinkle, spray

der–ew   examination, analysis

der–ewヘi   examiner

derrew   at once, right now : Muny derrew etmeli = This needs to be done at once

ders   I. lesson II. manure

dert   ill

derwaØys   vital, urgent, important

derweze   gate

derØa   river

desga   structure

desse   bunch, clump : gŸl desseヘi = a bouquet of flowers

dessine   just as, as soon as

dessur   tradition, custom

deºik   1. hole 2. full of holes : deºik halta = sack with many holes 3. gap

deºirmek   to check against, with

deºmek   to make a hole, puncture

dŠde   uncle, father (Balkan dialect)

dŠl   not

dŠli   crazy: dŠli bolmak = to go crazy

dŠliremek   to go crazy

dŠne   1. seed, pit; grain, kernel 2. bunch, group

dŠnmek   1. to deny 2. to retract (ie. one's words)

dŠp   tradition

dŠp-dessur   tradition

dialekt   r. dialect

didar   face: Men seni– didary–a zar Å I miss you

didivan   gun-sight, gun-scope

digden eklemek   to tremble

digir   grain

diglemek   to shudder

dik   steep; perpendicular

dikdŸºdi   obstinate

dikelmek   1. to straighten oneself; raise oneself

dikeltmek   1. to straighten, to set straight

dikmek   to dig in

diktant   r. dictation

diktatura   r. dictatorship

diktor   r. radio-announcer

dil   1. toungue 2. language 3. pointer, indicator (ie. on a gauge)

dilden   orally

dildŸwºŸk   plot, conspiracy

dileg   prayer

dilemek   1. to ask 2. to wish 3. to pray

dilewar   1. witty 2. wit

dilik etmek   to slit

dilik   n. slit; slice; cut

dilim   slice; segment

dillenmek   to say something

dilleºmek   to make said; to come to the point

dilmek   to cut; slice

din   religion

dindar   religious; faithful

dini   religious

di–   emphatic preposition: Ol di– arkan Øykyldy = He fell flat (directly) on his back

di– salmak   to overhear; to hear about

di–e   only

di–ir genmek   to ponder, meditate on

di–lemek   to listen

di–leØji   listener; audience

di–leØmek   1. to listen 2. to overhear

di–mek   to become calm; grow quiet; cease

di–ºirgemek   to listen to

diplom   r. diploma

diplomatic   r. diplomatic

direg   strut, brace, prop

direktor   r. director

direlmek   to come to life

diremek   to prop up; brace

direnmek   to be propped up; c=braced

diri   alive

dirijØor   r. conductor (of a band or orchestra)

diriligene   alive

diriliº   resurrection

dispanser   r. clinic

dispetヘer   r. dispatcher

dissertatsiØa   r. dissertation

diº   tooth : Diº agyrysy = toothache

diºlemek   1. to bite 2. to have a bite, eat a little

diversiØa   r. sabotage

divisiØa   r. division (military)

diwar   wall

diØen Øaly   almost

diØmek   1. to say: Mu–a nŠme diØØŠrler? = What's this called? 2. to mean, to signify; to imply

dizel   r. diesel

dodak   lip

doga   from birth

doga okamak   to pray

dogan   brother

dogan-garyndaº   relative

doganlyk   brotherhood

doganoglan   cousin

doglan gŸni   birthday

dogluº   birth

dogmak   to rise (of the sun)

dogralmak   to be straightened up

dograltmak   to straighten up

dograma   dograma, a dish made of stuffing, onions, and sheep's head , sometimes made into soup

dogramak   to cut to pieces

dogruヘyl   honest, sincere

dogruヘyllyk   sincerity

dogruda   concerning

dogrudan   true, really

dogrulamak   to direct, aim at

dogrusy   in truth, truly

dogry   1. true 2. exact 3. straight 4. righteous, upright

dogulmak   to be born

dogumly   determined

dogurmak   to give birth

dok   full, satisfied

dokalmak   to be woven

dokamak   to weave

dokヘulyk   prosperity

doklad   r. report

dokluk   satisfaction

dokma   weaving, carpet-making : dokma fabrigi = carpet factory

doktor   r. doctor

dokument   r. document

dokuz   nine

dokuzynjy   ninth

doky   Belugian

dolag   wrapper

dolak   leg-wrappings

dolama   ground meat wrapped in cabbage

dolamak   1. to wrap, bind 2. to turn, double back

dolandyrmak   to manage, control

dolandyrys   management

dolanmak   to come back

doldurgyヘ   gram. object : gšni baglanØan doldurgyヘ = direct object : gytaklaØyn baglanØan doldurgyヘ = indirect object

doldurmak   to fill

dolmak   to be filled

doly   I. hail II. [o:] full(y), filled; thick; complete

domma   quiet, reserved

don   robe (traditional Turkmen)

do–   frozen

do–aklyk   freeze, frost

do–an   rigid, frozen

do–durma   ice-cream

do–durmak   to freeze

do–mak   to be frozen

do–uz   pig

dor   bay (color of a horse)

dos   used in superlatives: dos-doly = completely full

dost   friend, friendly (male or neuter)

dost-Øar   friends

dostlaºmak   to become friends

dostluk   friendship

dotsent   r. doccent

dowam etmek   to continue

dowamynda   during

dowan   length, course (of time)

dowanly   lengthy

dowar   livestock (specifically: sheeps, goats, and small cattle)

dowul   panic

dowzah   hell

doØa   until satisfied : Men doØa iØdim = I ate until I was full

doØmak   to eat one's fill, stuff oneself: Men doØdym = I'm full, I've stuffed myself

doØurmak   to fill (an animal) with food

dškmek   1. to spill 2. to leak

dškŸlmek   1. to be poured out 2. to drop : Agaヘlary– Øapaklary dškŸlØŠr = Leaves fall from the trees

dškŸn   manure, nightsoil

dškŸnlemek   to fertilize

dšmmek   to tear off a piece

dšndermek   to flip over

dšnmek   1. to be flipped over 2. to switch over, turn : Bu gŸn howa gyºa dšndi = Today the weather turned wintry

dšnŸk   traitor, turn-coat

dšnŸklik   treachery

dšrdŸnji   fourth

dšrediji   creator

dšredijilik   creation

dšremek   to arise, spring up

dšretme   creation

dšretmek   to create

dšretmek   to start, create, found

dšrjemek   to dig into

dšrmek   to search, dig around for

dšrt   four

dšrtlŸk   a four, a "B" student

dšrŸºdirmek   to turn over

dšs   pile, heap

dšº   breast

dšw   I. set, match II. giant; demon

dšwek   threshing : dšwek dšwmek = to thresh

dšwlet   1. government 2. richness, goodness

dšwmek   to break

dšwrŸnde   during

dšwŸk   broken

dšwŸlgiヘ   fragile

dšwŸlmek   to break

dšwŸm   piece, lump, portion

dšwŸr   1. epoch 2. period, time

dšwŸrdeº   contemporary (said of a person)

dšwŸrleØin   periodic

dšzmek   to be uncaring

dšzŸmli   hardy, staunch

dšzŸmsiz   sympathetic, compassionate

drama   r. drama

duヘar bolmak   to be faced with

duk   mixed up

dul   1. place of respect 2. widower

dul aØal   widow

duldegºir   near, neighborly : duldegºir bolup Øaºamak = to be a neighbor to, live near

duluk   cheek

duman   fog, mist, haze

dumanlamak   to grow foggy

dumanly   foggy, misty : dumanly daglar = misty mountains

dura-bara   gradually, continually

duralga   stop (as in bus or taxi stop)

durdugyヘa   gradually, continually

durlamak   to clear, make still

durmak   1. to stand, be still 2. to be (used to express cost or fixed state) 3. used as a modal verb to express a state of being or continual action: Ol gŸlŸp durØar = She's smiling, she's been smiling

durmuº   life, existence

durmuºa ヘykan   married (of a girl)

durmuºa ヘykmak   to marry (of a girl)

durna   crane (bird)

durnukly   solid, stable

durnuklylyk   stability

durºuna   entirely

duruzmak   to make a stop, to stop

dury   pure

duº bolmak   to be faced with something

duº gelmek   to meet, come to

duº   I. [u:] close to : Ol duºuna bardy = He went closer II. r. shower

duºak   fetters

duºenbe   Monday

duºly   closely

duºmak   to meet, encounter

duºman   enemy

duºmanヘylyk   animosity

duºuºmak   to meet, encounter

duºuºyk   meeting, encounter

dutar   dutar, a traditional Turkmen instrument which is two-stringed, looks somewhat like a mandolin and has a twangy sound

duw   superlative affiz: duw-ak = the whitest, completely white

duØdansyz   sudden, reflexive

duØdurmak   1. to warn 2. to portend 3. to inform

duØduryº   warning

duØgudaº   sympathetic

duØgudaºlyk   sympathy

duØgur   impressionable, perceptive, sensual

duØgy   sense, feeling

duØmak   to feel

duz   salt

duzak   snare

duzlamak   to salt

duzly   salty : duzsuz bolsa atarsy–, duzly bolsa nŠdersi–! = If it's not salty, you can add salt; if it's salty, there's nothing you can do!

dŸkan   shop, store; stall

dŸkŸrdemek   1. to stomp 2. to make an indistinct noise

dŸkŸrdetmek   to stomp

dŸme   dry-farming

dŸmew   1. virus, common cold 2. flu

dŸmewlemek   to have a cold

dŸnderilmek   to turn upside-down, flip-flop

dŸndermek   to turn over, flip

dŸnØewi   secular, worldly

dŸnØŠ inmek   to be born

dŸnØŠ   world, globe

dŸnØŠden štmek   to die

dŸ––Ÿrdemek   to jingle

dŸr   pearl

dŸrbi   binoculars

dŸrli   diverse, different

dŸrli-dŸrli   different, various

dŸrs   correct

dŸrs jogap bermek   to answer correctly

dŸrsemek   used in the construction: šzŸ–i dŸrsemek = to get well

dŸrtgŸヘ   stamp for bread

dŸrtme gŸrsak   blunt

dŸrtmek   to poke, prod

dŸºbi   clever

dŸºbŸlik   cleverness

dŸºek   1. bed, bedding 2. cushion, mattress

dŸºekヘe   mattress

dŸºelge   stopping place, camp

dŸºemek   1. to spread out 2. to pave

dŸºewŸnt   profit

dŸºewŸntli   profitable

dŸºlemek   to make a stop

dŸºmek   1. to descend, dismount, come down (from) 2. to fall 3. to come into, upon 4. used figuratively like the English "to fall": howsala dŸºmek = to fall into a panic

dŸºnŸkli   clear, understandable

dŸºnŸksiz   unclear, not understandable

dŸºŸm   gram. case : TŸrkmendilinde alty dŸºŸm bar = The Turkmen language has six cases

dŸºŸndiriº   explanation

dŸºŸndiriºli   explanatory

dŸºŸndirmek   to explain

dŸºŸniºmek   to understand each other

dŸºŸnje   1. notion 2. explanation

dŸºŸnjeli   knowledgable

dŸºŸnmek   I. to understand II. to swim

dŸºŸrmek   to help off, to set down

dŸwme   jangles, little bells

dŸwmek   to knot

dŸwŸlmek   to be knotted

dŸwŸnヘek   little knot

dŸwŸnmek   to choke on

dŸwŸrtik   pimple, blackhead

dŸØbŸnden   absolutely

dŸØe   camel

dŸØeguº   ostrich

dŸØn   yesterday

dŸØnki   yesterday's

dŸØp   1. bottom 2. base 3. root 4. bush 5. essence

dŸØpgšter   forever, once and for all

dŸØpleØin   forever, once and for all

dŸØpli   essential, fundamental

dŸØrlemek   to roll up

dŸØº   dream

dŸØº gšrmek   to have a dream

dŸØºŸrgemek   to dream

dŸØt   soot

dŸz etmek   to repair, mend

dŸz   I. 1. plains, flatlands 2. flat, smooth II. 1. straight 2. right

dŸzediº   ammendment

dŸzelmek   to be rectified

dŸzetmek   to set straight, to rectify

dŸzgŸn   rule, order

dŸzgŸn-nyzam   order, discipline

dŸzgŸn-tertip   order, discipline

dŸzgŸnleºdirmek   to set in order

dŸzgŸnnama   position, ordering

dŸzlŸk   plains, flatlands

dŸzme   composition, essay

dŸzmek   1. to string, to thread 2. to gather 3. to compose

dŸzŸji   compiler, composer

dŸzŸm   composition, make-up

dŸzŸwli   composed, orderly, well

dwigatel   r. engine, motor

dØadØa   r. uncle

dyglamak   to shudder

dykgat   attention

dykmak   to stuff; to jam in

dyknyºmak   to be pushed in

dyknyºyk   jam; crush; crowding

dyky   cork; stopper

dykylmak   1. to put in 2. fig. to nose around in, to butt into

dykyz   packed, dense

dykyzlanmak   to get packed

dym   superlative affiz

dymjykmak   to spoil, go bad

dymmak   to be quiet, to shut up

dymºyk   silence

dymyk   humid

dynヘ   1. rest; relaxation 2. peace; stillness

dynヘ almak   to take a rest, vacation

dyndarmak   to get out of; to escape

dyngy   pause

dyngysyz   without a break, non-stop

dynmak   1. to finish 2. to get out of

dynman   without a break, non-stop

dyr-pytrak bolmak   to be parted; separated

dyrjaºmak   to try, attempt

dyrmak   rake

dyrmaºmak   to climb

dyrmyk   rake

dyrnaヘak   scratch; abrasion

dyrnaヘaklamak   to scratch

dyrnak   1. nail (of a finger or toe) 2. claw

dyz   knee

dyzamak   to be bursting, straining

dyzmaヘ   frisky, hot to trot


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