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Lastowka G. et al. Turkmen-English Dictionary
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habar   1. news 2. mark, note, item 3. knowledge 4. gram. predicate

habar etmek   to inform

habar tutmak   to get news

habarヘy   correspondent

habardar   notification, advice

habarlaºmak   to exchange news, get news

habarly   expert, versed

habarlyk   gram. predicate

haヘ   cross

haヘan   when

hadys   prophecy

hadysa   1. event, occurence 2. phenomenon

hahahaØlamak   to roar with laughter

hajat   need, want

hajathana   toilet

ha££uk   lizard

hak   I. correct, right II. 1. right, privilege 2. fee, wages 3. lot, fate

hak-hukuk   right, privilege

haklaºmak   to get even with, settle accounts

hakly bolmak   to be entitled to

hakyda   memory, rememberance

hakykan   reality

hakykat   1. truth 2. reality

hakykatdan   really, in truth

hakyky   genuine

hakynda   about

hal   I. 1. health 2. strength, force, power, might 3. dialect II. birthmark, mole

hal-ahwal   health, situation, need

halal   just, righteous, pure, godly

halamak   to like

halas bolmak   to take refuge

halas   free

halaºmak   to like (one another)

halat   time, season

halk   1. people, nation 2. people's, popular, folk 3. crowd, mob

halk   citizens, people

halka   1. loop 2. ring 3. environment, circle, company

halkara   international

halkylyk   nationality

halkyØet   nationality

halta   sack

halwa   helva, a Turkish dessert

haly   carpet

halyヘy   carpet maker

halypa   teacher, master

halys   totally

ham   animal skin

hamala   as it were, as if, as though

hammam   bath-house

hamyr   dough

hamyrmaØa   leavening, fermented dough

hamyrturºy   leavening, fermented dough

hamyt   collar, harness

hamytlamak   to collar, harness

han   ruler

hanha   there, over there

hantama   expectation

hantamaヘylyk   expectation

hany   I. where? II. well now, then

ha–latmat   to open, open wide

hapa   I. 1. dirt, mud 2. trash II. indecent, obscene

hapalamak   to dirty

hapalanmak   to get dirty

hapalyk   destruction

haplamak   to pour over, to scald

hapysa   slovenly, careless

haraba   ruins

harajat etmek   to spend, expend, use up

harakteristika   r. characteristic

haram   prohibited, forbidden

haramzada   rascal, imp

harap   spoiled, broken, depraved

haraplamak   to spoil, to break down

harasat   hurricane

haraØ   help, aid

haraz   mill

harby   military, war

harby ØagdaØ   martial law

harbylaºdyrmak   to militarize

harヘ   expense, expenditure

harヘlamak   to spend, expend, waste

harヘlamak   to waste

harlamak   to neglect, disdain

harma-harp   literal, verbal

harman   flour

harp   alphabet letter

harplyk   alphabet book, kindergarten primer

harpyk   chaff

hars : hars urmak   to develop, make, evolve

harsal   coarse, crude, gross, rough

harsallyk   roughness

haryt   good, commodity

harytlar   products, goods

has   I. very II. peculiar, specific, characteristic

hasa   1. [has‡] staff, stick 2. [h‡sa] gauze

hasabat   account of, report

hasamak   to tally up

hasap   1. account, count, tally 2. inventory, calculation 3. arithmetic, mathematics

hasap bermek   to give an account

hasap etmek   to take into account, calculate

hasapヘy   accountant

hasaplamak   1. to count in, consider 2. to calculate, compute 3. to rate, value, estimate

hasaplanmak   to be regarded, considered, taken into account

hasaplaºmak   to get even with, to settle accounts

hasrat   grief, distress, trouble, disaster, misfortune

hassa   sick, ill

hassalamak   to be ill

hassalyk   illness, disease, sickness

hasyl   harvest

hasylly   1. fruitful 2. fertile

hasyr-husur   quickly, soon

haºal   weed

haºam   adornment, decoration

haºamlamak   to adorn, decorate

hat   1. letter 2. writing 3. note, slip, letter, memo 4. handwriting 5. document

hat-habar   news

hat-sowat   reading and writing

hatar durmak   to stand in order, stand in file

hatar   I 1. row, line, file 2. order, array 3. in line II. danger, risk

hatarlamak   to be in order

hatarly   dangerous

hatda   even

hatyra   respect, esteem

hatyrdamak   to crunch

hatyrjem   relaxed, sure, certain, calm

hawa   yes

haØ-kŸº etmek   1. to calm, soothe, reassure 2. to censure

haØa   embarassment, confusion

haØal   slow, slowly

haØal-Øagallyk etmek   to delay, linger, hesitate

haØallamak   1. to weaken, slacken 2. to deteriorate

haØallatmak   to slow down, reduce, delay

haØallyk   slowness

haØasyz   shameless, indecent

haØat   fence, wall

haØbat   threat, menace

haØdamak   to do quickly, to rush

haØdatmak   to drive, urge, hurry up

haØkylyk   cry, outcry, shout

haØkyrmak   to cry out, shout, scream

haØp   used like the English "Unfortunately...", or "It's a shame..."

haØran galmak   to admire

haØran   suprise, astonishment

haØsy   which

haØwan   animal

haØwanat   adj. animal

haØwanat bagy   zoo

haØØar   clamorous, scandalous

haØØarlyk   scandal

haØykmak   to be afraid of

haØyn   traitor

haØynlyk   treason

haØyr   1. benefit, use 2. profit, gain 3. assistance, aid, help

haØyrlanmak   to make use of, take advantage of

haØyrly   1. beneficial, helpful

haØyº etmek   to request, ask for

haØyº   request

hazlamak   to howl

hazyna   1. treasury 2. treasure

heder   fear, risk, peril

hek   1. lime 2. chalk

hekaØa   story

hekaØat   1. story 2. even, occurence

hekgermek   1. to let in 2. to be provoked, be vexed

heklemek   to bleach, whitewash

heleØ   woman, wife

helŠk bolmak   to perish

helŠkヘilik   1. catastrophe 2. torment, suffering

helŠklemek   to torment, torture, vex, worry

hellewlemek   to loom

hem   too, also

hemaØat etmek   to provide help

hemaØat   help, aid

hemiºe   1. always 2. earlier, former, first, before

hemiºelik   permanent

hemme   all, every

hemmetaraplaØyn   comprehensive

hemra   1. fellow traveller 2. life-long companion

heniz   until now, yet, still

he–   I. tune, melody II. mold

he–kirmek   to cry out, shout, scream

he–lemek   to get moldy

hepbik   snare, noose

hepde   week

hepdeleØin   week-long

hepdelik   1. weekly 2. per week

her   every, all

hereket etmek   to move

hereket   movement

herketlendirmek   to move

hernŠ   1. as it were 2. sometimes 3. always

herrelmek   to cry out angrily

hersi   every

heºelle kakmak   to exult

het   1. limit, boundary, border 2. boldness, courage

hetdenaºa   excessive

heØ   I. "really?" , "is that possible?" II. "hey!"

heØgenek   scrambled eggs

heØkel   statue

hezel etmek   to enjoy

hezel   pleasure

hezil   interesting, captivating, pleasing

hezillik   amusement, entertainment, pleasure

hezzet   hospitality

hezzet-hormat   respect, esteem

hezzetlemek   to show, provide hospitality

hŠ   oh, oh yes

hŠkim   mayor

hŠkimiØet   authority, power, rule, regime

hŠli   1. long ago 2. not long ago 3. still, yet, for now

hŠli-ºindi   endlessly, without conclusion

hŠsiØet   1. character 2. property

hŠsiØetlendirmek   to characterize, mark

hŠzir   1. now, at present 2. ready, prepared

hŠzirki   modern, contemporary, present

hŠzirki zaman   gram. present tense

hŠzirlemek   to prepare

hŠzirlikヘe   for the time being, meanwhile

hiヘ   nothing

hikirdemek   to snicker, giggle

hikirdi   giggle, snicker

hil   quality, style

hile   1. cunning, craftiness

hilegŠr   cunning fellow, dodger

hilegŠrlik   craftiness, cunning

hili-bir hili   1. homogeneous 2. somwhat

himiki   r. chemical

himiØa   r. chemistry

hin   hole, burrow

hi––ildik   swing

hi––ilik   swing

hirurg   r. surgeon

hirurgik   r. surgery

hiØ   I. "really?" , "is that possible?" II. "hey!"

hojalyk   ownership

hojalykヘy   housekeeper

hojaØyn   host, master

hokga   craftiness, cunning

hokkeØ   r. hockey

hokurdamak   1. to gurgle 2. to crunch

hol   as such, like that

holha   there, over there

holodilnik   r. refrigerator

honha   there, over there

ho–karmak   to gape

ho–uldamak   to grumble, growl

hopba bolmak   to climb

hopmak   to fall in, fall off

hopukmak   1. to gasp, choke 2. to be frightened, scared of

hopurdatmak   to drink

hor ヘekmek   to snore

hor   I. 1. thin, scrawny, lean, skinny 2. poor II. snore, snore III. r. chorus, choir

horaz   cock

horkuldamak   1. to sob 2. to grunt

horlamak   I. to snore, snort II. 1. to exhaust, use up 2. to torment

horlanmak   1. to grow thin 2. to organize

horluk ヘekmek   to suffer

horluk   pain, torment, suffering

horlyk ヘekmek   to suffer

hormat   honor, esteem, respect

hormatlamak   to esteem, honor, respect

hormatly   honored, esteemed

hortum   trunk

hossar   1. patron, guardian 2. trustee

hossarlyk   1. trusteeship 2. relationship

hossarlyk etmek   to patronize, protect

hoº   I. well, good, okay II. just, favorable III. bye

hoºa   bunch, cluster

hoºal   satisfactory

hoºallyk   satisfaction

hoºamaØ   pleasant, affable

hoºamaØlyk   pleasantness

hoºbagt   happy, fortunate, lucky

hoºboØ   aromatic, fragrant

hoºlaºmak   to take leave of, say goodbye

hoºloºyk   parting

hoºniØetli   benevolent

hoºwagt   joyful, merry

howa ºary   balloon

howa   weather, air

howala   airs

howandar   1. relative, relation 2. patron, protector

howandarlyk   1. relationship 2. patronage

howatyr   fear, apprehension, anxiety

howaØy   empty, void, vain, idle

howda   pond

howlukdyrmak   to hurry (someone) up

howlukmak   to hurry up

howly   yard

howlykmak   to rush, hurry

howp   danger

howpsuzlyk   security

howsala   alarm, warning, alert

howsalaly   alarming, disturbing

howtyrlanmak   to fear, beware of

howul-hara   1. hasty, hurried 2. careless, negligent

howur   heat, fever, ardour

howuz   pond, pool

hoz   nut

hozanaklamak   to turn, revolve

hšヘjet   obstinate, stubborn

hšヘjetlik   stubborness

hšdŸr   1. entertainment, food, drinks 2. offer, proposal, suggestion

hšdŸr etmek   to treat

hšdŸrlemek   1. to treat, entertain 2. to offer, propose, suggest

hškman   imperative, necessary, mandatory

hškmany   necessity

hškmany   obligatory, compulsory

hškmŸnde   as

hškŸm   1. order, command 2. sentence, verdict

hškŸm sŸrmek   to reign

hškŸm sŸrmeklik   reign

hškŸmet    government

hšre-kšºe   caress, affection

hšre-kšºe etmek   to calm, soothe, reassure

hšrezek   scarlet fever

hštde gelmek   to inquire, consult

hšwes   1. desire (for) 2. interest, zeal

hšwesje–   willingly, gladly, with pleasure

hšwesje–ler   amateurs

hšweslendirmek   1. to encourage 2. to arouse interest in

hšweslenmek   to become interested in

hšwŸrtge   nest

hšwŸrtgelemek   to next

hšzir   pleasure

hronika   r. chronicle

hrustal   r. crystal

hudaØ   God, Allah

hudaØa ヘokunma   prayer

hudo£nik   r. artist

hukuk bermek   to entitle

hukuk   right, perogative

hupbat   pain, suffering

hurma   date

hususan   particular, peculiar

hususy   private

husyt   greedy, avaracious

husytlyk   greed

huº   memory

hut   I. just, very, exact, particular II. personal

hutma-hut   drawn (game)

huwwalamak   to lull

hŸjŸm   raid, attack

hŸ££ermek   to lull

hŸmer   crowd, concourse

hŸmŸrdemek   to murmur, mutter

hŸnŠr   trade, craft, occupation

hŸnŠrment   craftsman, artist

hŸnŠrmentヘilik   crafted, handmade

hŸnji   beads

hŸ–Ÿrdemek   to grumble, growl

hŸ–Ÿrdi   grumbling, growl

hŸºgŠr   vigilant, watchful, alert

hŸºgŠrlik   alertness

hŸwdi   lullaby

hŸwdŸlemek   to lull

hŸwi   zool. eagle owl

hŸØt-gara–ky   total darkness

hyjuw   passion

hy££yldamak   to rattle, speak hoarsely

hyklamak   to groan, moan

hykyrdamak   to chuckle, giggle

hykyrdy   laugh, chuckle, giggle

hyllalla   difficulty, trouble, embarassment

hy–ranmak   to growl

hyrawa   wild

hyrdar   hunter, lover of the wild

hyrra   quickly, soon

hyrsy–y diºlemek   to be annoyed, vexed

hyrsyz   evil, malicious, spiteful, angry

hyrsyzlanmak   to be angry, feel angry

hyruヘ   passion

hyryn-dykyn   full, complete, absolute

hyssyldamak   to puff, pant, sweat

hysyrdamak   to endeavor, strive

hysyrdy   troubles, cares / businesses, commissions

hyºy-wuºy   rumoured

hytyrdamak   to crack, crunch

hyØal   1. intention, design, purpose 2. dream, daydream

hyØallanmak   to intend

hyØally   imaginary, supposed

hyØanat etmek   to do evil, harm

hyØanat   evil, harm, malice

hyØanatヘy   tresspassor

hyØanatヘylyk   tresspassing

hyØar   cucumber

hyzlamak   to buzz, hum

hyzmat   1. service 2. merit 3. employment, duty

hyzmat daºlyk   coopertation, collaboration

hyzmat etmek   to serve, host

hyzmat   service

hyzmatdaº   partner

hyzmatkŠr   servant


ibermek   to send

iヘ   inside, intestine

iヘagyry   diarrhea

iヘaly   spy, traitor

iヘege   intestine

iヘeri   inside, within, inner region

iヘerik   insides

iヘerki   insides

iヘgeヘme   diarrhea

iヘgi   alcoholic drink

iヘgin   very well

iヘigara   envious, evil (adj.)

iヘigaralyk   envy, evil

iヘinde   inside

iヘinden   from inside

iヘirgi   beverage host

iヘirgilemek   to saddle

iヘirmek   to cause to drink

iヘki   adj. inside

iヘki-geØim   undergarments

iヘlekli   baked meat pie

iヘlik   baked meat pie

iヘliklik   female underwear

iヘmek   I. to drink II. man's sheepskin coat

iヘØan   scorpion

ideal   r. ideal

idediji   watchful

ideg   1. tending, care 2. surveillance

ideg-sorag   1. search 2. investigative, watchful

ideklemek   to hold in hand, rein in

idemek   1. to search for 2. to inform about

ideologik   r. ideological

ideologiØa   r. ideology

idetmek   to grow

ideØa   r. idea

idili   good, true

idioma   r. idiom

idiomatik   r. idiomatic

idirdetmek   to drive, force forward, to shovel

igde   bot. igde

ige   file (tool)

igelemek   to file

igenヘ   grumbling

igenje–   grumbling, quarrelsome

igenje–lik   grumbling, quarrelsome

igenmek   to grumble, be quarrelsome

iglemek   1. to lose weght 2. to rust

igli   thin, skinny

ik   spindle

ikatŠk   cuckoo

iki   two

iki-Øeke   rarely

ikibir   in pairs, by pairs

ikiヘŠk   eye to eye

ikigšwŸnli   undecided, undetermined

ikilenヘ   second time, again

ikilik   the number two, a "D" grade

ikindi   early evening

ikindin   late afternoon

ikinji derejeli   secondary

ikinji   second

ikinjilik   second place

ikirjinlemek   to think upon, mull over

ikiØanlaØyn   two-sided

ikiØŸzli   two-faced

ikiØyllyk   two-year, for a two year period

ikuヘly   with two meanings, double entendre

il   people

il-gŸn   people

il-halk   people

ilat   population

ilatly   populous

ilヘi   ambassador

ilヘihana   embassy

ildeº   countryman

ildirgiヘ   1. clothes peg 2. jewelry worn on the forehead

ildirmek   to hang

ileri   1. to the front 2. the southeast ileri bolmak=to heal, get better

ilerik   1. in the front 2. to the southeast

ilerki   forward

ilerlegini   1. in the front 2. to the southeast

ilerlemek   to move forward

ileºler   people

ilginヘ   salient, bold, dazzling

ilik   button

iliºmek   to hook

ilkagºam   early evening

ilki   first, initial

ilkibada   from the first, initially

ilkibaºda   from the start, initially

ilkidurmuº   primordial, first existing

ilkinji   initial, primary

ilkinjilik   primary

illØustrasiØa   r. illustration

illØustratiw   r. illustrative

ilmek   to be fallen

iltemek   to hook

ilteºmek   to be hooked

imeºik   disheveled

imeºmek   1. to be disheveled 2. tangled hair

imi-sala   peaceful, quiet

imisalalyk   peace, tranquility

imperialistik   r. imperialistic

imperializm   r. imperialism

import   r. import

importirlemek   r. to import

imtilmek   to covet, be jealous

inヘe   thin

inヘekesel   type of illness

inヘelmek   to become thin

inヘeltmek   to make thin

inヘesagt   thin (relevant to people)

indeks   r. index

indemek   to look for (someone)

indermek   to leap off

indi   1. now 2. next, following

indiki   next

indikile   next time

indoneziØaly   r. Indonesian

industrial   r. industrial

industrialaºdyrmak   r. to industrialize

industriØa   r. industry

indØuk   r. turkey

ine   here you are

ine-gana   calmly

inedšrdŸl   fat man

iner   male camel

infeksiØa   r. infection

infleksiØon   r. inflection

informasiØa   r. information

informasiØon   r. information

ini   little brother

inisiatiwa   r. initiative

injener   r. engineer

injenerlik   r. engineering

injik   shin

injir   fig

inkŠr etmek   to deny

inkubasion   r. incubation

inkubasiØa   r. incubation

inkubator   r. incubator

inli   breadth

inmek   to appear suddenly

insiz   without breadth

inspeksiØa   r. inspection

inspektor   r. inspector

institut   r. institute

instruksiØa   r. instruction

instruktor   r. instructor

integral   r. integral

intelligent   r. intelligent

intenasional   r. international

internat   r. boarding school

interwal   r. interval

interwensiØa   r. intervention

interwØu   r. interview

intizar bolmak   to miss someone

intonasiØa   r. intonation

inwalid   r. invalid

inwentor   r. inventor

i–   most (superlative)

i–irdemek   to cause trouble

i–irdi   cause

i–kis   doubt

i–lemek   to moan

i–lis   English

i–lisヘe   English language

i––e   needle

i––e   needle

i––ebagjyk   safety pin

i––Šn   very

i––gildi   to be lazy

i––ildemek   to whine

i–rik   dusk

i–rik garalmak   to get dark

ir   early

ir-iØmiº   vegetable(s)

irden   morning

irgin   hesitation

irginsiz   without hesitation

irgšzin   early morning dawn

iri   fine, small

irinmek   to be lazy

iri–   pus

iri–lemek   to become pus-like

iri–li   pus-like

iriºme   hesitation, pause

irizmek   to annoy

irki   early, earlier

irkilmek   to fall asleep

irlandiØaly   Irish

irlemek   to make fine, small

irmek   to be tired

irnik   person who is difficult to please

isleg boØunヘa   at will

isleg   desire

islege laØyk   rational

islemek   to want

islŠn   any

ispan   Spanish

isrip bolmak   to spoil (food)

istrebitel   terminator, destroyer

iº   matter, affair, work

iºbil   high-heeled shoes

iºヘi   worker

iºdes   colleague

iºdŠ   appetite iºdŠ–iz aヘyk bolsun=bon appetit

iºdŠmen   glutton

iºek   young sheep (2 years old)

iºe––ir   hard-working

iºger   colleague

iºgŠr   colleague

iºik   door

iºje–   lover of work

iºje–lik   love of work

iºlemek   to work

iºle––ir   hardworking

iºletmek   to make someone work

iºli   busy   

iºlik   verb

iºmek   to knit

iºsiz   unemployed

iºsizlik   unemployment

it   I. dog II. a push

italØan   Italian

iteklemek   to push

itelemek   to push

itermek   to push

iteºen   rash

itigi   pushy person

itmek   I. to push, shove II.

itniºik   crush, squash

itniºmek   to push & shove

iØdirmek   to feed, cause to eat

iØermen   glutton

iØermenlik   gluttony

iØilmek   to catch hold of

iØm   feed, animal food

iØmek   to eat

iØmek-iヘmek   food and drink, to eat and drink

iØmiº   fruit

iØmit   food, nourishment

iØmitlendirmek   1. to feed 2. to nourish

iØmitlenmek   to be fed

iØmlemek   to feed

iØul   July

iØun   June

izolirlemek   to separate

izolØasion   r. isolation

izolØasiØa   r. isolation

izolØator   r. isolator

izweºeniØe   information

izzildemek   to moan, whine, make a fuss


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