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Самостоятельная работа по дисциплине «Иностранный язык» Студентка 3 курса гр. К1972/9з Бахметова Назира Ильхамовна - файл

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Кафедра гостиничного и туристического бизнеса

Самостоятельная работа
по дисциплине «Иностранный язык»


Студентка 3 курса гр. К1972/9з

Бахметова Назира Ильхамовна

Казань 2019

Exercise 5 page 11.

1.What kind of rooms do you have ?

-Yes, of course.

2.Is there a car park ?

- Yes, sure.

3. Where can I change money in your hotel ?

- In our hotel doesn`t offer this service.

4. How could I spend my time in the evening ?

- In our hotel has cinema halls and bar with live music.

5. Who can help me with my child ?

- Of course.

6. Is there a fitness centre ?


7. Are there any conference facilities ?

-Of course.

8. Have you got a swimming pool ?


9. What`s the charge for a suite ?

- Of course.

Exercise 4 page 14.

1.What time do you serve lunch ?

f) From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

2. How much does it cost ?

d) $ 20.

3.What (kind of) cuisine does your restaurant have ?

e) Yes, he does.

4.Do you have beer ?

b) Only in the bar.

5. Does your manager speak Italian ?

a) Yes, we do.

6. Do you work on Monday ?

c) We open daily.

Exercise 6 page 15.

1) - Не могли бы вы сказать , где бы я мог пообедать сейчас?
- Да, конечно, у нас есть ресторан.
- Он сейчас открыт?
- Да, он работает ежедневно, без перерыва с 10 утра до последнего гостя,
- Замечательно, и какая у них кухня?
- Европейская.

- He could you tell me where I could have lunch now?

- Yes, of course we have a restaurant.
- Is it open now?
- Yes, he works daily, without interruption from 10 a.m. to the last guest.
- Wonderful, and what's their kitchen?
- European

2) – Есть ли в гостинице место, где я мог бы поесть с ребёнком?

-В нашем кафетерии есть специальное детское меню во время ланча.
- А когда они подают ланч?
- Обычно с 11 утра до часу дня.
- Вы не знаете, сколько он стоит?
- К сожалению, нет.
- А у них есть пиво?
- Нет, пиво только в баре и ресторане.

- Is there a place in the hotel where I could have lunch with the child?

-Our cafeteria has a special children's menu during lunch.
- And when do they serve lunch?
- Usually at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
- You don't know how much it costs?
- Unfortunately, no.
- Do they have beer?
- No, beer is only in the bar and restaurant.

Time (Время) What’s the time? (Сколько времени)

2.30 – It’s half past two (It's half past two)
8.50 – It’s ten to nine (it is ten minutes to nine.)
3.15 – It’s quarter past three (It's fifteen past three)
5.00 – It’s five o’clock (It is five o’clock.)
Remember: at 5 o’clock, on Monday, in the evening, at the weekend. (Помнитев 5 часов, в понедельник, вечером, в выходные)

Exercise 3 page 16.

1. Are they work today? (Are they working today?)
2. A telefone is there. (There is a telephone )
3. He not here. (He is not here)
4. How many is a single room? (How much is the single room? )
5. What's she name? (What is her name?)
6. You are married? (Are you married?)
7. They usually come home in 5 o'clock. (They are usually coming home at 5 o'clock )
8. Is there many restaurants here? (Are there many restaurants here)

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