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Social work and COVID-19 pandemic: An action call


The social work profession, more than any other, is most hurt1 by the rampaging2 coronavirus3 (aka, COVID-19) pandemic4 given the scourge’s5 pernicious6 impact on society’s underserved and undervalued populations. More so, the pandemic has undermined7 the profession’s historical value commitment8 to social justice and human rights while overturning9 our insistence on the importance of human relationships10.


Although11 some are in denial12 (regrettably13 so, arising from misinformation), the vast14 majority of humanity is imbued15 in utter16 shock and fear as to how a singular event could trigger17 a complete halt in human affairs. Today, the coronavirus pandemic – which was first reported in the city of Wuhan in Hubei province of China – has successfully18 plummeted19 global economy, disrupted20 global social events, as well as caused the death of hundreds of thousands of people while leaving millions infected and vulnerable21. Among those disproportionately affected are society’s often marginalized22 and excluded23 populations (i.e. older adults, children, people with developmental impairments24, including those with weak immune systems as well as the poor25). With promulgation26 of social distancing and self isolation among many governments around the world, concerns27 have been raised about the prospects of increased human rights violations, especially among states which, prior to the pandemic, had a proclivity28 for gross29 rights infringements30. Since such restrictions31, as has been purported32, are meant to upend33 the spread34 of the virus, caution should be exercised35 in its enforcement36 if social disruption37 or anarchy is to be avoided.

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